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We now have pretty good idea about what our favourite superheroes would look like if they were made of Lego, courtesy of 2014's The Lego Movie and soon to release, The Lego Batman.

But have you ever wondered what they would look like, if they were minions?

Ever since Despicable Me hit theatres in 2010, Minions have become very popular. And by the time Despicable Me 2 was released, moviegoers went in numbers just to see the minions. The popularity of these banana-loving short and adorable creatures reached such a level that the studio was forced to give the Minions its own spin-off movie in 2015. What if they decided to release a movie like The Lego Movie featuring all superheroes as Minions? What would they look like?

Check out these adorable pictures of the minion incarnations of Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man and other superheroes:


1. Superman

2. Batman

3. The Flash

4. Green Lantern

5. Wonder Woman

6. Green Arrow


1. Captain America

2. The Hulk

3. Spider-Man

4. Iron Man

5. Wolverine

6. Deadpool

7. Thor

8. Black Widow

Source: Pinterest

Let us know who you think looks the most adorable as a Super-Minion.

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