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Right now, on a section of ocean seabed just off the western coast of Australia, sits a giant statue inscribed with the names of 42,006 League of Legends players, all of whom spent a week sat battling at their computers in order to help get it there.

Why, you might reasonably ask, is a statue of LoL character Nautilus, "Titan of the Depths", lurking in the real world's watery depths? Well, the stone replica actually doubles as an artificial reef, designed as a place for marine life to shelter and grow.

The creation of the video-game-themed reef was part of Ocean Week 2015, an event which had the Oceanic-based League of Legends community contribute to a combined goal of 275,000 in-game points throughout the week.

The target was beaten comfortably, setting in motion the construction of this hefty Nautilus structure.

If, like me, you're fairly ignorant as to exactly what an artificial reef does, here's some of Nautilus' nautical benefits, according to the project's site:

  • Picking up plankton that move with ocean currents, thereby creating a feeding spot for small fish.
  • Providing shelter for animals that don’t survive long in the open like eels.
  • Attracting fish that hunt around the reef (imagine a Fizz camping your blue buff brush because he knows your jungler is going to come).
  • Fostering a suitable breeding environment for all kinds of the above.
  • Providing a firm foundation for algae, coral and sponges to grow on over time.

To get their Summoner name engraved on the artificial reef, players had to "win three games of Blind Pick, Team Builder, or Twisted Treeline while playing as an Ocean Week Champion OR in a premade group with someone playing an Ocean Week Champion."

You can watch a video of the resultant statue being dumped off the coast of Queensland here:

And if you fancy going for a dive, the exact GPS coordinates are 27° 6.724'S 153° 21.888'E

Is your name on the artificial reef?


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