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One must imagine Sisyphus happy.
Aayushya Ranjan

Growing up in the 2000s, that too in India had me watching Shahrukh Khan ever since I got my senses. Shahrukh Khan had already become a big name by then.

Shahrukh Khan has indeed made it big in India as well as abroad. However his films lately were just superficial and desultory. They were more of a poor story line masqueraded by heavy stunts, songs, and expensive sets. The last film I can think of in which his acting was quite commendable was " My name is Khan" which was released in 2010. After that his films took a dip in content quality and was more superficial as i mentioned earlier.

However after a long time, Shahrukh Khan gave the audience a film which showed everybody who the "king" is.

Hello SRK haters.
Hello SRK haters.

"Fan" which was released on April 15, 2016 has surely set another milestone in Shahrukh Khan's career. The basic plot of the film is :

Gaurav, a huge fan of movie star Aryan Khanna, heads to Mumbai in order to wish his "God" a happy birthday. When things don't go according to plan, Gaurav's obsession with Aryan crosses the line.

This film has Shahrukh Khan in a double role as :

Gaurav Chandna

And Aryan Khanna :

Shahrukh Khan's attempt at a double role is really commendable. At one point you don't feel that it is being played by the same person, which was perhaps the very intention of the actor.

The cinematography is sheer excellence as the transitions between different scenarios is hardly confusing and is extremely well laid out.

The film has been a center of controversy and has been called a "copy" of De niro's 1996 "The Fan". Well honestly the plot is really similar but this film stands out with it's unique style and turns out to be a real treat for the audience.


In conclusion I would just say that this film is an ode to every fan there who in their own way love their idols. If you are an SRK fan, this film will be a treat. This film has surely set a standard for the films to come.

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Here is the trailer for the film :


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