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Nathaniel Rego

Famed for his role of King Louie in the recently hit 2016 Disney film The Jungle Book, Christopher Walken had confirmed during a press conference at Boston Comic Con last year he'll be returning for its future sequel King Louie which will focus on the giant ancient primate and mostly how he became king of the jungle. It's also set a year after the events of The Jungle Book.

His iconic song I Want To Be Like You from The Jungle Book will be performed for the end credits of this future sequel as it has been in the end credits of The Jungle Book.

Since the death of Shere Khan in the first movie, a new villain shall debut in King Louie. Plus Scarlett Johanson will reprise her voice role of Kaa the python.

Christopher Walken returns as the voice of King Louie in the future jungle book sequel King Louie in theaters soon.


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