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As a huge fan of Legos, I have to admit that I want the entire [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) collection. But that costs money, and that's not something I have in great abundance. But, as I was "window shopping" on Lego's website, I noticed something in one of the new sets based on the upcoming Civil War movie. Specifically, in the set that depicts a fight between Crossbones, Falcon, and Black Widow. The set includes a half-rusted jeep for Crossbones, a motorcycle for Black Widow, and Falcon's wingsuit. Accessories include a flamethrower for Crossbones, Black Widow's stun batons, and Redwing. Also included is a briefcase that contains what is rumored to, in fact, be an Infinity Stone, which is indicated by the red circle in the photo shown below.

Now you may be thinking, "Wait a second, there's no white Infinity Stone!" That is correct, but is it possible that the white object is some sort of container for the actual gem? Loki's scepter had a gem in it, the Aether was placed inside a metal box, the Power Stone was inside the orb, and the Space Stone is in the Tesseract, so it makes sense that this could be an Infinity Stone. Presuming that the remaining Infinity Stone pops up in Doctor Strange, all of them will be accounted for, leaving Thanos ready to "do it himself". Or, alternatively, this rumor could be totally off base (which it probably is) and the object is not an Infinity Stone at all.

But what do you guys think? Is the mysterious object an Infinity Stone? Comment below!


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