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Denise Burger

With Mother's Day approaching really fast why not make a movie about it. Some of my favorite female actresses are playing in this movie here are just a few of them Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hutson, Julia Roberts, Courtney Cox, Britt Robertson, Susan Surandon and Sharon Stone the list could just keep going.

This movie is about the struggles of parenthood such as motherhood and fatherhood also childhood. Being a mother myself I can seriously relate to this movie and I can not wait for it to come in theaters. There are going to be some funny and exciting parts in this movie but their are going to be times where you are going to need a tissue or a shoulder to cry on because when this girl finds out about who her mother is things will just go down spiral.

With me being a mother I know how emotional a lot of things can be in life because sometimes you can get so stressed from being so tired. I also do not really know my mother for a lot of reasons.

Here is the preview for this wonderful and outstanding movie Mother's Day 2016! I hope it has touched everyone's hearts like it has mine! Enjoy it!


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