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Nathaniel Rego

There has been a rumor gone about Laurel Lance aka Canary (Katie Cassidy) (Nightmare on Elm Street/Monte Carlo) whose died for some reason in the past episode of Arrow (CW). That is not true. She lives on in Arrow and in the TV series next to it on CW, DC Legends.

Atlantic Rim actress Jackie Moore has been cast as Black Cat real name Felicia Hardy in the future movie Spider Man. She shall serve as a minor antagonist in Spider-Man when it swings into theaters July 2017.

Despite her death in season 2 of Sleepy Hollow, Katrina Crane, the good turned evil witch, might return in season 4, to join forces with the upcoming 4th season's main villain Cthulhu. Sleepy Hollow returns for season 4 on FOX fall 2016.


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