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Even with Lionsgate's Now You See Me 2 still two months from release on June 10, Variety is reporting the studio has announced director Jon M. Chu will be returning for the third installment, with a release date to be determined.

The original Now You See Me, directed by The Incredible Hulk's Louis Leterrier, released in 2013 to a massive $352 million global box office. The studio is clearly expecting an equal, if not better showing for the sequel, considering its already inked a deal for Chu to return.


Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, Dave Franco and Michael Caine are all reprising their roles for Now You See Me 2 — with the additions of Daniel Radcliffe and Lizzy Caplan — as a group of illusionists who use their talents to pull off heists.

No casting details are known for the third installment, but it's likely that the primary cast will once again be on board.

(Source: Variety)


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