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Nathaniel Rego

Deepwater Horizon, with Mark Walberg - in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico, an oil spill ensues causing large amounts of money in damages. Based on the true story on 2010 BP Oil Spill. SEPTEMBER 30th

Parculiar Children, with Morgan Freeman - a young boy finds a secluded and hidden destination full of amazing children threatened by a dark wizard and must find his destiny linked to them. SEPTEMBER 30th

Birth of a Nation - the blacks community is being terrorized out of racism by the KKK in this controversial remake of the classic drama film. OCT. 7th

Ouija 2 - the infamous cursed board game returns in this future sequel to Ouija. OCT. 21st

Inferno, with Tom Hanks - a symbols expert returns in the sequel to The DaVinci Code and its prequel Angels and Demons. OCT. 28th

Rings - future sequel to The Ring and The Ring 2. OCT 28th

Dr. Strange - a young man becomes a mystical savior of humanity. Based on the comic book series from Marvel. NOV. 4th

Mona, with The Rock - a demi God and an island princess explore the ancient Hawaiian islands. NOV. 23rd

Star Wars: The Rogue One - a former Imperial officer turned rebel goes on a mission to steal and contain the top secret Death Star plans that are the key to destroying the planet destroying base The Death Star. DEC. 16th

Ed Geen, with JK Simmons, Ariana Grande - a psychotic serial killer threatens and terrorizes a Wisconsin community. Based on a true story that has inspired the novel Psycho. DEC. 25th

Assassins Creed - 2 assassins in the time of the Crusader's Age defend justice and order in this video game based film. DEC. 21st


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