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16 years since the last The Powerpuff Girls episode aired, a reboot was announced late last year and ever since there was all kinds of hype! And of course there was, The Powerpuff Girls are a worldwide icon, with fashion lines, merch and a whole lot of girl power attitude!

Not much has changed in these 16 years. Besides the fact that their fanbase as only grown, mostly due to re-runs of classic episodes, this reboot does indeed feel like a fresh approach to a classic formula.

The episode showed during this press event was Power Up Puff, where the girls level-up and gain a new power: using their imagination, they can transform themselves into pretty much anything, well, imaginable. While I'm not sure if hardcore fans will react positively to this "upgrade", personally, I enjoyed it, specially since everything I love about The Powerpuff Girls is still pretty much intact. Here let me show you:

I'll be tuning in to see more episodes of the reboot to see how good this gets, but it certainly is off to a good start!

Now all I'm missing is Samurai Jack and classic TV nostalgia is almost complete!


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