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SCORE: A Damn Good Buzz

I went to see this movie blind, meaning I had no idea what to expect. A neighbor told me it was a comedy/drama which sounded good enough. So I kept describing it to all my friends as the new Robert Downey Jr. movie that is supposed to be heartwarming and fun. My friend Josh, his girlfriend Alina and our old friend Artie decided to join me. Josh recommended this luxury movie theatre, The Cinepolis, where you sit in lazy boy cushiony recliners and a waitress comes to bring you drinks and anything off the surprisingly large menu from traditional favorites like popcorn and pretzels to my choice for the show the Caprese Panini Sandwich and golden fries. I also had a lemon drop martini, which was the perfect compliment to my morning of dabbing Conspiracy Concentrates latest brew on a new torch-less heated dab station. Dabs get me more toasty than anything else so, riding a good buzz from the marijuana and sustaining it with my lemon drop, I settled in with my restaurant quality meal to watch Jon Favreau unexpectedly delight me for the next two hours.

Like the perfect seven course meal this movie changes pace with a symphony of flavors brought about by the delicate sprinkling of guest appearances, satisfies you fully, and makes your ensuing food coma a blissful repose. I had so many dabs before the lemon drop movie experience so I passed out on the beach directly after the movie ended. Robert Downey Jr. and Amy Sedaris grace us with only one scene each in the movie, and yet it’s enough. Favreau is the base that holds this zesty sauce together, bringing a poignant and accessible performance to bear on the befuddled 40-something bachelor trying to leave his mark on the world. From his challenges navigating the twitter-verse to fatherhood, Favreau is scintillating to watch as he dances through the peaks and valleys of an ever more desperate yet likable Chef Casper as he makes his journey from self-obsessed celebrity chef to self-possessed successful father, husband and business man. While the ending may have been a little too perfect, in a world where we are constantly reminded of imperfection, I didn’t mind that ending one single bit.

Maybe I'm just stoned, but this turned out to be a pretty delicious afternoon at the movies. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

MY SCORE: 5 out of 5 buds. This is the first movie to get the perfect score from me so far. It was funny, smart, and in the end, alas, it did make me cry. So five well-deserved sticky dank buds it is.


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