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A devastating loss has hit our nation once again the loss of Merle Haggard on April 6,2016. Our favorite singer song writer was one one of the greatest country legends since the 1960's. He has sang with some of the best country music legends such as Johnny cash, George Jones, and Willie Nelson.

The Hag is his nick name it is what everyone called him it swept thru the nation and it just stuck by him and forever and always this was him. Although he left our nation Merle also has a family and his friends that he has left behind. His son Ben Haggard is one of his lead guitarists in his band he has been there in the band with his father throughout his sickness and was there when he passed away.

A few songs that the Hag sang includes the following: Mama tried, Okie from Muskogie, and Silver Wings

If you can now keep praying for the Haggard family as this is a horrible loss! Rest in Peace! You are now playing music with a lot of Legendary musicians!


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