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Yesterday at 8Pm, me and Ross Maxwell, a writer of Teen Wolf, we sat down and talked about Teen Wolf season 6.

This is the interview:

So is Dylan O'Brien in every episode?

He's credited for every episode, he still has to catch on for episode 2 and 3, but if everything goes as planned, he'll be in every episode of season 6.

Who will get the biggest development next season?

This is a good question, because everyone has a big development. I can't really say who has the biggest. I think Liam, Dylan Sprayberry's character.

Will we really see a badass Scott McCall in season 6?

Yes! For sure! He'll be very, very badass. He'll be feeling anxiety, he'll feel that Kira might not return and he might have to move on. He'll have a lot on his plate, but we'll see him and Stiles, him and Liam and him and someone else in very cool places. We'll test those friendships and we're going to bring out the best of Sciles.

Can you confirm all the villains?

No, only the nazi werewolf, but if you watched whole season 5. You'll know what mythology we'll use for season 6A.

Is Teen Wolf 2.0 really taking over?

No, not in season 6A, and probably not in 6B, we're seeing changes and we're definitely seeing them in new places and becoming a pack. Liam is accelerating towards becoming an Alpha. We won't be doing the same as with Scott. But we're seeing them as more of a pack, while they still need Scott. He's the real, big alpha.

Is season 7 possible?

Season 6 will probably be the last of Jeff Davis as showrunner, while he'll help Tyler Posey in season 7, if there's a season 7. Tyler Posey would take over, while i would be the boss in the writings room. (Laughs).

Would Teen Wolf 2.0 take over in season 7?

If the cast all signs contracts of 6 more seasons, well if i'm the big writer, i'll look a lot of what fans say and want. We would go with what i and Ryan did in Glee, but still a little different. We would be seeing some cool stuff. But well we don't know anything. Maybe we'll have to let them take over and move Scott into more of a Derek Hale role and have Stiles as the new Deputy. Who knows, we could do anything. We're going to see Detective Stilinski next season (Laughs). What i mean is. Stiles we'll be showing how good he actually is and he will be very funny, friendly, etc in the new season.

Is Stydia happening?


Can you confirm the main cast?

No, but we're working on the opening credits right now!

Is Peter Hale back?

Maybe, i can't say much, but we're in talks with Ian Bohen and 2 other people, 1 would be back as long as we need him, the other one only in 6B. I can't say who, but both have starred in season 2.

Should we give up on Derek Hale?

Not yet, Jeff is trying very hard to get him back for season 6. We would love Tyler Hoechlin back in the main cast and make him the intro of season 6 with someone we loved in season 5. madness. I can't say to much, but if everything goes as planned the opening credits would have 9 people, But i would say very cool people; while 2 of them might not be in every episode.

Are we talking about Cody Christian and Tyler Hoechlin?

I want to say the answer, but i can't. They would kill me if i did.

Is Deputy Strauss getting a development after him questioning the supernatural?

We love Aaron Thornton. He's so nice and hot (laughs). I had to say it. We only asked him to be in 1 episode and uncredited. But we liked him a lot and we used him in 4 episodes, all credited. And we're going to see him in 2 episodes probably in season 6A. Well 2 or more. But we're working on a development for season 6B. Because we're introducing a new Were-Creature probably and another big new creature. So why not give it to him? More supernatural deputies and people that know about the supernatural makes it even more fun.

Is Deucalion really back in episode 1?

Episode 1? I don't know, maybe episode 2. Maybe 15. Who knows? But he's back for at least 1 episode. We love Gideon.

Is Scott going down a Bisexual path?

No! (Laughs). The truth is, we're actually questioning it and Tyler Posey wants to support the LGBT community and we're probably going to make it happen. Maybe. I don't really know.

Pete Ploszek and Alisha Boe, are they really casted?

Yes, they are doing great! Well i haven't seen Alisha yet, but Pete is doing great.

Is season 6 very different?

Yes, it's not the same as season 4 and 5. We went down hill and both are great seasons but after season 3B we didn't top it anymore. So season 6 is actually a season without questions of previous seasons. We ended it nicely and fun and we actually send a message with that. We really meant to say. You don't need to ask questions or get mad. We ended it how we really wanted it and now you should focus on season 6 that will start without plot holes or anything and will end fun. Kira is with the skinwalkers and won't return, so that's already answered. Stydia is for the fans. If they end up together, well you'll have to see. But it's different and it will be the best season yet. I would say if 3 million people watch the premiere that liked season 3B, i would say that they would tell their friends and families of how good 6A is and we would only rise. I really hope we hit a premiere above 1.6 million and top season 5. because i'm dreaming for season 7. There are still 10 stories to tell. 10 more seasons? Why not? Scott would still be a Teen in college, we could easily do 4 more seasons before he's 20. And wait Liam is running around, right? He's a teen, right? As long as we got teens, they don't have to take over or finish the show or change the name. Scott has to have the lead, always. My opinion.


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