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Well we’ve thrown everything else at you; it’s time for the 3rd and final part of our ECCC breakdown. All-in-all, there wasn’t much news aside from the big 2. Not much worth looking into at least (If you think I’m wrong, sound off in the comments!!). So here we’re going to run through a bunch of titles announced in and around Emerald City Comic Con that we think you should look forward to!

• "Black Hammer" by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston

Jeff Lemire easily because one of my favorite writers when he took over Green Arrow for DC. These days he’s kicking around at Marvel, but still pursuing creator-owned comics like Dark Horse’s “Black Hammer”. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Lemire describes the plot of the series as:

“Following a cataclysmic event, or crisis, or whatever you want to call it -- I guess that I shouldn't call it that -- a Secret War or a Convergence-type of event, these six superheroes that saved the day were wiped out of continuity. They wake up together in this mysterious small town on this farm. In this world, superheroes have never existed. For the most part, it's a normal, everyday, North American, small town. The only thing is, for whatever reason, they can't leave the boundaries of the town. If they do, it's catastrophic. They are prisoners, really. We pick up with them 10 years later, where they have, out of necessity, integrated themselves into the town. They've dropped their superhero personas and have blended in as best they can."

Maybe I’m just a fanboy, but the concept sounds great to me. That air of mystery and obviously character-driven style of drama, especially with each character “representing a different era of comics”, sounds just delicious. I can’t wait to start eating this up when the first issue drops in July.

• Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass

Garth Ennis and Craig Cermak are returning to Dynamite with a nine-issue sequel to their 2014 “Red Team” series. Double Tap follows detectives Eddie Mellinger and Trudy Giroux a year after the conclusion of the first series, with the pair striving to elevate themselves about the “small-time crimes” they’ve been demoted to.

“The first 'Red Team' saw them survive by the skin of their teeth; now they're dropped right back in at the deep end, with their growing feelings for each other only complicating matters. Writing this series is a real treat for me, and getting to work with Craig Cermak again makes it even better.” (Garth Ennis, press release)

There’s no question that Ennis is one of the best writers in the business or that “he is truly a master of genre” as said by Dynamite CEO Nick Barrucci. Just about everything the man is involved in is gold, pure and simple.

• The Powerpuff Girls!

July is going to be the hottest month of the year it seems! Not only has the Powerpuff girls cartoon been revived, but IDW Publishing is launching a new ongoing for the fan favorite super-powered adolescents. Borrowing writers from the show, IDW is looking to bring that energy from animation to panel.

Not only that, writer Jake Goldman has said, in an interview with CBR, that in regards to the comic and the show “we're all about digging a little deeper into the characters and the villains. Finding out what makes them tick both as people and as horrible evil genius super-monkeys”.

So expect some depth along with the cartoon action and humor. Though, unfortunately, it looks like we’re going to have to wait for cool arc-length stories. Mentioned by Goldman as off the cuff spit-balling (or was it???) for potential arcs were “Dark Blossom Saga”, “Age of Mojo Jojo”, and “Townsville Civil War”. I know I’m not the only one who’s mind just exploded, so fans! Support this series! Support and we can have nice things!!

• VS by Ivan Brandon

The future of war is TV! Well, it’s commercialized and broadcast on TV to entertain the masses. Like a tech heavy Hunger Games except with armies. Funded by super-corporations. VS follows a fan-favorite soldier as he rises through the ranks and eventually learns, like any bloodsport, the fans love to see you win almost as much as they love to see you lose!

• Black Cloud

Described in a nut shell as “Jessica Jones meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, Black Cloud is a mysterious title that seems to purposely aim to bend your mind as much as that description did. There’s not much revealed about the title, save for the solicit:

“Once upon a time…They built a world where dreams come true... And those dreams went to war. In BLACK CLOUD, we meet Zelda: exiled to Earth, her dreams of revolution are gone, but she still holds the key to the world she left behind. And it’s for sale.”

• Seven to Eternity

Bold claims have been made of Seven to Eternity. Given those claims come from its writer and the writer happens to be Rick Remender, claims like “there will be no better looking comic book in the world of human peoples” might be believable.

With Seven to Eternity we’re looking at an epic fantasy following a disgraced knight who “must choose between joining a hopeless band of magic users in their desperate bid to free their world of [an] evil God’s burden or give in to the God of Whispers’ promises of salvation and safety”.

High fantasy, Faustian deals, magic, knights, and hopeless adventure?

You had me at Rick Remender.

• Motor Crush

“Motor Crush is a stylish, neon-soaked, revved up science-fiction action series” “described as a mash-up of The Warriors, Akira and Mario Kart”.

Did I just combine two quotes into one sentence? The better question is, how are you going to put your brain back in your head after imagining that? Seriously, between those two observations and the official solicit, I’m getting “Air Gear” vibes that have me itching for this comic! I don’t need to know anything else, (who’s writing this thing again?), to know that this is a must have for me. The one drawback? We have to wait until December! “Nooooo!”

• Bounty

So, Rat Queens might be one of my top five favorite comics on the market right now. That said, how could I not be excited for Kurtis Wiebe’s next project? “Described as Rat Queens meets Firefly” is kind of hilarious to me, if only because Wiebe has said himself that the tonal flow of Rat Queens, humor to drama and such, is influenced by Firefly.

Still, look at that cover! I’m already giddy just knowing Wiebe’s pen is behind that art. The basic premise hits a little close to home for me, coming from a family of bondsmen and bounty hunters, so with his style of story-telling and Mindy Lee’s incredible art, I know this is going to be my next favorite comic.

If that wasn’t enough, hearing Wiebe say “Bounty is strongly my voice and one of my favorite comics I’ve ever written” drives me to whole new level of anticipation. Did I mention I’m a fanboy? I’m a fanboy…. “DARK HORSE TAKE MY MONEY!”


Yea, Yea I said no news. But, this isn’t really “news”. Jumping on the “mysterious teaser image” bandwagon is IDW Publishing with their Revolution teaser. What is it? No one knows! Kind of reminds me of a certain blue curtain though…. Regardless, something big is coming from IDW and it’s coming May 2nd. You’re welcome.

Well that’s it for our Emerald City Comic Con 2016 breakdown! Think we missed something super important? Was there a comic announced that you’re psyched for that we didn’t talk about? Let us know!

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