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Quantum Break is video game (available for Xbox One and PC) that has been teased for about 3 years but is finally out. The third person shooter puts you in the shoes of Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore from X-men) who after a series of events gains special, time travel related powers.

I'm not going to get into much detail/spoilers about the game but do want to talk about what makes this game unique, and that is its cut-scenes or as the game developers call them "junction points".

These junction points happen between every act/episode when there's a 20 minute TV show that the players actions can influence and actually set up. It's a smart experiment that focuses more on the side characters and antagonists (villains) of this game, really great for character development if you ask me.

Is This a Game Changer? Will It Catch On?

I'm not certain how many games will try to pull this technique off, or how many would succeed if they did. In my opinion this is something that works for Quantum Break, mainly because the gameplay is somehwat generic (even with the powers the game gives you) it's the usual shield, slow motion and a grenade type attacks. However, these junction points are extremely interesting because they get you invested in the story. So even though the gameplay isn't the best, it keeps you entertained and curious about what could happen next. Its like playing a game and watching your favourite show at the same time, and at this point I can't see any other game coming close to pulling off what this game has.


Is Quantum Break a game changer or a gimmick?


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