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Fans of DC have been anticipating their cinematic universe for some time now. Though everyone is intrigued about the storylines and excited to see where it all leads, at the end of the day, we all pack the theaters for the same reason: We want to see the sparks fly. Laser vision, magic, super speed, and strength — we want to see the greatest powers in the universe crash together in all their glory.

We've already seen some tremendous fights in the DCEU: Superman vs. Zod, Batman vs. Superman, and the Trinity vs. Doomsday. So what could possibly hold up to those great gladiator matches? Dwayne Johnson has the answer.

That's right, folks, Superman (and probably Shazam) in one corner, Black Adam in the other. If you're looking for an epic fight, this is it. Three of DC's heaviest hitters clashing would be absolutely mind blowing. In the comics, Black Adam was able to tear his way (sometimes literally) through most of the world's superheroes. He also gains his powers through magic, one of the few things capable of hurting Superman. If The Rock has his way, he might just take the belt as the most dangerous foe the Man of Steel has faced on screen.

Of course, the mere mention of a second film is interesting. Only one Shazam film is on the DCEU timeline, but if everything goes well, we can all smell what the Rock is cooking — one of the most badass superpowered cage matches we've ever seen.


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