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Gamers, rejoice! Rocksteady's critically acclaimed last generation Arkham games will receive an HD remaster for the PS4 and Xbox One! A GameStop employee has sent images of the leaked collection to Eurogamer, which has reported the game will be released on June 10.

Titled Batman: Return to Arkham, the collection will contain the much-loved Arkham Asylum and its Game of The Year sequel Arkham City. The games will receive a visual makeover as the graphics will be updated for the next gen consoles. Along with the updated visuals, both games will be released with all of their DLCs, meaning you can play Catwoman's story right from the start with Arkham City!

What won't be included in the collection is the Warner Bros. Games Montréal title Batman: Arkham Origins. While still a canon prequel to Asylum, it seems that Rocksteady will be releasing the collection, so it makes sense to only release its titles.

While the report claims that preorders will go live tomorrow, due to no chatter surrounding the release of the collection prior to this leak and no official announcement being made a day before preorders go live, this leak might very well be false.

If an Arkham remaster does exist, an announcement will be made during E3 at least, or around the announcement of the heavily rumoured Superman game.


Would you like to see the Arkham series remastered for PS4 and Xbox One?

Via- Eurogamer


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