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DC seems to have been trying to be the opposite of Marvel for awhile, but looking at Batman v Superman, it seems like there are better ways to go about it. These are three movie ideas that take DC in directions that the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) haven't gone in yet.

The Question:

The Question is a hero that could be easily updated to be a PI who is inspired to become a superhero after the formation of the Justice League, but lacks the fighting skills required to do so. This has been done before in movies like Kick Ass, Defendor, and Super, but the big three companies (Fox, Disney, and Warner Bros) seem to be afraid to take a risk on such a movie. And being set in a world with actual superheroes could set it apart from the rest.


Deathstroke is a Mercenary, and one of the best fighters in the DC universe. And this is something that would set him apart from other heroes, since we have not had a movie yet where the hero is motivated by money instead of personal reasons, like a kidnapped girlfriend, or doing the right thing.


Nightwing is a sidekick who decided to strike out on his own as a hero. This puts him in a unique spot, because in addition to stopping whatever bad guy he decides to go after, he has the additional baggage of trying to get out from his former master's shadow.

What do you think?

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