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Unless you have been living under a rock (like I was before last year) you know of the amazing series Game of Thrones. There have been epic moments from The Wall to King's Landing and I'm here to list 15 mind blowing ones! I hope you enjoy and there might be spoilers for some of you.

1. Tyrion's Speech to the Troops

This was a very different side of Tyrion. Yes he has bravely gone to battle before, but he chose to lead the attack this time instead of being forced to by his father. He gave a rousing speech and lead them to a victorious battle.

2. Off with His Head!

Probably one of the most brutal moments in the first season is this scene. In the background Sansa is begging for her father's life and Arya is being hidden from sight. Eddard Stark died long before his time even when he bent the knee. Unfortunately, Valar Morghulis rings true for us all.

3. A Golden Crown

There is always that one guy who everyone hates. Viserys Targaryen was a bully and a brat that thought he should be handed everything. He beat Daenerys and was a jerk to all of those that were part of the khalasar. I was glad to see him go and I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

4. Podrick Returns

As a reward for saving Tyrion's life Podrick was treated to a day at Littlefinger's establishment. That late afternoon he returned with ALL the money Tyrion had given the women! Tyrion and Bronn immediately started to ask questions hoping to learn his secret.

5. Like a Virgin

We all knew it would happen eventually! Sam and Gilly had a moment so to speak and we are all so proud! They have a very special kind of love and I hope to see it blossom even more now, vows or no vows.

6. Battle at the Tree

That moment we were all waiting for! We finally made it to the weirwood from Bran's dreams. Unfortunately, our little group was then attacked and we lost one of our friends. It was an epic battle where we got to see Bran take over Hordor and pull off some killer fighting skills.

7. Need a Hand?

Jaime Lannister had one he could have lent you! Here we see what happens when you put too much value in a name. His cockiness was his own undoing and he lost something very precious. Now without his sword hand the Kingslayer hasn't been slaying much of anything. Maybe we will see what use his training Bronn truly was in Season 6.

8. The Climb

The Wall is a dangerous place, be you a Crow or a Wildling. One great scene showed the true love and trust that were between Jon and Ygritte when she almost died. The climb showed us how tough these men and women really are. It was a scary climb for them and ever suspenseful for us viewers.

9. Hard Home

For all you The Walking Dead fans I'm sorry but you have nothing on this moment. Literally thousands of the white walkers just came over tops of the walls and down mountainsides. It was the craziest battle I have ever witnessed and I have seen the Lord of the Rings. It was a loss for the living but we got to see what the dead were capable of and saw just how they are risen from the dead.

10. The King is Dead!

The only person who let out a bigger sigh of relief besides us was Sansa! This little troll was finally murdered! Joffrey was hated more than Dolores Umbridge and that's saying something. This was the only death that was completely justified and deserves no backlash.

11. The First from the List

Meryn Trant was an awful man and deserved to die. It was gory and was bound to happen! He quite possibly killed Arya's teacher Syrio Forel and hurt children. The only downside to this is that Arya shall now be punished and is blind.

12. The King of the North

One of my favorite scenes that had Robb Stark in it was this moment. It shows the loyalty his men show him and the respect he has earned from them. Personally, I think Robb would have been a great king and would have learned not to break promises like he did with Walder Frey. It was a very touching moment and definitely a great choice.

13. The Mother of Dragons

Daenerys' sanity came into question when she entered the burning funeral pyre that was made for her husband. We all held our breath and were extremely surprised the next morning when she was not only alive but not alone. Her eggs hatched in the heat and her three dragons were born! It definitely changed the game from there on out.

14. The Push That Started it All

Let us analyze this moment 49 episodes later. If this had never happened, if Jaime had never pushed Bran, if Cersei had never seen him, where would we be? Obviously Cersei would no longer be the queen of Westeros and Jaime would be a nobody just an incestuous king killer. The war would never have happened and there would be nothing to watch besides politics on Game of Thrones.

15. The Great Escape

Sansa has been pretty passive aggressive until Season Five. She was stuck in horrible situations that she had no control over. With the help of Theon Greyjoy she can finally escape her tormentors! Hopefully, her efforts don't prove to be futile and Sansa can finally be out of harm's reach. If not we know now how strong she can be and we will see more of it in Season Six.

These 15 moments were, in my opinion, some of the greatest of the past five seasons. I can't wait to see more memorable scenes in the seasons to come! For now I am just biding my time until April 24th! What was your favorite scene or scenes from the series? Comment your favorite Game of Thrones moments below!


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