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With all the excitement from the TV spots and trailers we've gotten so far, Marvel doesn't seem to want to stop there. With two more TV spots out for Captain America: Civil War, the hype just keeps going up.

This first clip is The Team vs Bucky.

Now in this clip, we see Bucky Barnes handling some of the members of Team Iron-Man get handled by Bucky and his skills. First we catch a glimpse of him fighting probably some guards (no threat at all) which Bucky tosses this way and that. The Tony Stark comes in with a hand from his suit (maybe not directly from his suit) to stun Bucky at first, which Bucky quickly shakes off, then shoots him and fights him hand to hand. After Tony takes a part from his gun, Bucky gives him and shot to the gut and throws him off.

Then we see Kate (Agent 13) come in but Bucky just seems annoyed more then challenged. Then Black Widow comes in and fights him, and when Bucky starts choking her she says, "You don't even recognize me?" What does this mean? The most likely guess is if you can recall back to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Natasha tells the Cap of how he shot right through her so he could hit another guy. If you have other suggestions leave it in the comments section.

And last but not least, we got Black Panther, without his suit. And we know he's pissed at Bucky because of his father's death. But Bucky just shoves him off and tries to get out, but Black Panther comes back for more just before the trailer ends.

Now lets look at The Chase.

There's really not too much from this commercial, but it looks like Bucky got something done to him which enhanced his speed like Captain America did. We can also predict that this is right before the part of Bucky's arrest because there were a lot of black cars coming in right behind Black Panther at the end and that line's up with the other trailer.

What do you think about the TV spot and commercial? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and follow my page for more on Captain America: Civil War.


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