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Back in 2011, Amazon responded to the success of streaming companies like Netflix and Hulu by offering their own stockpile of video content with their new initiative, Amazon Instant Video.

Once those competitors started creating their own original content in addition to the acquisition of other films and series, Amazon followed suit and rolled out new series. And as of late, their originals like The Man in the High Castle, Transparent, and Red Oaks, have garnered the attention of fans and critics alike, making Amazon Video tough competition for entertainment streaming services.

Previously, only those Amazon users who were willing to sign up for the hefty annual subscription fee of $99 had access to their Prime content. But as of today, anyone willing to pay a mere $8.99 a month will be able to view Amazon's series, continuations, and originals, independent from signing on to a Prime account.

Sure, you won't be able to place an instant Prime order for your popcorn delivery, but at least you'll be able to binge watch from their archives of content while you wait for your packages to arrive.

In the end, signing up for Amazon Video separately is actually less cost-effective than the Prime package as a whole as it comes out to $107 annually, as opposed to the $99.

But if signing a year contact sounds too long-term — especially if you're an experienced television marathoner who could binge-watch all of their content in a few days — then the month-to-month Amazon Prime Video option may be more worth your while.


What is your preferred streaming service?

(Source: TechCrunch)


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