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I adore Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt more than is probably healthy. So, you can imagine how excited I was to log in to Netflix on Friday to watch the second season of the show. And I was not disappointed.

Spoilers for season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

If you liked the first season of the show, I highly suspect that you will like the second season. The Tina Fey co-creation is witty, charming, and contains so many pop culture references I doubt we will ever find every single one. Yes, not everything worked. The Dong/Kimmy relationship drama dragged the show down. The Geisha episode was made just so Fey could address the haters. And as much as I love Fey's drunk therapist, and I looove her, it would have been better to see her a bit less.

Despite these flaws, the show is great. The best part? Not the jokes or the cameos or even Mikey's puppet grandmother. No, it was the fact that the show tackles some big stuff in between the laughs.

Kimmy Schmidt is an eternal optimist who will always put other people first. She is also pretty messed up.

She has abandonment issues galore. She panics whenever the man cares about tries to start something. And Velcro freaks her out more than anything. Throughout the season, you see that behind the outside of smiles and laughs, there is a person dealing with PTSD. You see that Kimmy needs help, and refuses to get it. She helps others, so she doesn't have to deal with her problems.

And Kimmy has to learn how to deal with those problems. You see this when she meets her mother, played perfectly by Lisa Kudrow, for the first time after the bunker. After spending a day riding roller-coasters, she realizes she blames her mom for being kidnapped. The scene on the roller-coaster were the two of them argue while riding it over and over again was beautiful. It also forces Kimmy to accept the fact that she just has to accept her mother for what she is.

For a show that sells itself as a colorful, quirky comedy, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt sure can feature some broken characters. Because, it isn't just Kimmy. Titus has to stop running away from good things, like hot construction worker, Mikey, and a dream job on a cruise. Jacqueline has to learn how to be a mother and how to live without. Also, dealing with her heritage. Even Lillian has to deal with letting her neighborhood go.

What did you think of season 2?

At least the show gave us this:


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