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While the news of Supergirl receiving a second season has yet to be officially confirmed by CBS, there is plenty to suggest the network is indeed planning for Season 2. With this possibility, here is a look at some of what we could see in the future from the Girl of Steel.

1. Lynda Carter As President

Entertainment Weekly reported that executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti revealed the news when the Supergirl/The Flash crossover episode aired in March. Berlanti was quoted as saying:

“We had the perfect role for Lynda Carter. We couldn’t work out her schedule. Next year."

Kreisberg then added:

“We’re going to do it, we’ll just do it next year.”

And Berlanti chimed back in:

“All right, she’s the female President of the United States.”

The president has been mentioned numerous times throughout the first season, and it has been made clear it is a female President. The first mention was when General Lane took control of the DEO in Episode 9, "Blood Bonds." Carter, who famously played Wonder Woman in the '70s, would not be the first veteran DC actor added to Supergirl's cast, as we already have Helen Slater and Dean Cain playing Kara's adoptive parents Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers.

2. Superboy

Project Cadmus was mentioned in Episode 17, "Manhunter" when Marine Colonel James Harper intended to take both Hank and Alex into custody and send them there for experimentation. It was explained that Project Cadmus is for dissecting aliens, but is also experimenting on human subjects. Superboy is the result of Project Cadmus in the comics and was a very popular character from the abruptly ended series Young Justice. With Supergirl gaining enemies within the government, Superboy could be its trump card against the Girl of Steel in the second season.

3. White Martians

A White Martian did debut in the first season of Supergirl, but it came seeking J'onn J'onzz the last Green Martian. With this one coming alone, surely the rest of its race will notice when it fails to return. They have already exterminated all of the Green Martians, with the exception of J'onn, so could Earth be their next target? While the first season seemed to focus on ending the Kryptonian threat from Fort Rozz, they need to think of what they can do next. Supergirl has received a backlash from some with how the series has relied on elements of Superman. But with Martian Manhunter present in the show, this is a story they could get away with easier.

4. Batgirl

During a live Q&A session on Facebook, one fan expressed how they would love to see Supergirl team up with Batgirl. Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl, agreed completely and revealed she has the perfect actor in mind for the girl under the cowl — Chyler Leigh who plays Alex Danvers.

This had many fans in agreement as the character does have all the makings of a brilliant Batgirl. She is an expert fighter, has a sharp mind with instincts to match and, best of all, she is a redhead! You also can not deny the character's score card throughout the first season: She has taken down numerous aliens and even killed a Kryptonian. Add to that all her DEO gadgets and all she's really missing is the outfit and title of Batgirl. Martian Manhunter and Supergirl have both had certain aspects altered from the comics, with Martian Manhunter's human identity being one of the major ones. There is nothing stopping them creating a new Batgirl from the character of Alex.

5. Superman

Superman has been portrayed in an interesting fashion in Season 1. While never needing to cast an actor for the role, we have seen glimpses of him through blurred or distant shots. We have also seen him converse with Kara digitally, giving her a little boost or advice when needed. There have even been reports that the character could die in the season finale, but if he does survive he should finally appear in Season 2. Having Supergirl establish herself in her own show for the first season makes sense; it only makes more sense for the character she emulates to appear fully in the second.

Tom Welling, who portrayed the Man of Steel in Smallville, has even stated that he would love to play they character once again on Supergirl. This would both please the Smallville fans and add another Smallville veteran to the show, as Laura Vandervoort has been play Indigo during the first season of Supergirl.

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