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As the sixth season of the hit TV series Game of Thrones rapidly approaches, the possibilities of what will happen in the season are endless. Without the books to guide us - like other seasons - everyone is kept in the dark.

8.11 million fans tuned into the finale of season five which saw the death of the popular Jon Snow. Yet a good question to ask is which major character would you like to see die next?

With the drama reaching its peak in episodes 7 and 8, if there is to be a death of another treasured character, it will most likely happen then or in the final episode. Will your chosen character be the one?


Which Major Character Would You Like To See Die Next?

Season 6 airs on the 26th of April (US) with the first episode titled 'The Red Woman'

It has been said the following titles have been awarded to episodes 2 & 3:

Episode 2: Home

Episode 3: Oathbreaker


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