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The Walking Dead Season Six Finale still one of the most discussed topics, or is it?

The internet has finally cooled from the excitement of the lackluster, highly criticized conclusion to the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead, television series. Over hundreds of articles and posts were written within an hour after the premiere of the Season 6 Finale. And 90% of those posts were negative reviews, basically stating how the production team on The Walking Dead has failed their fans. In terms of failing fans, no television series is ever made to please fans because there will always be conflicting opinions regardless of story line or continuity in a series. However, in the case that "almost every" fan feels like The Walking Dead has failed; it says more about the production team behind the series rather than the fans explicitly speaking out on it.

Who can we believe as loyal fans?

Fans were also quite upset over the conflicting statements made by the cast and crew of The Walking Dead. There's no point in quoting anyone in particular because all the statements made, seem to contradict one another. Except for one statement by Norman Reedus. During an interview with Today, Norman Reedus slipped up and gave a statement which disproves any affirmations made by Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, or Gale Ann Hurd, the main production team behind The Walking Dead, in regards to the Season Six Finale of The Walking Dead. In Reedus' statement, he indicates that he knows what happened in the season six finale and that learning about the finale was "gut-wrenching". Apart from Norman Reedus disproving any statements made by the production team on The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan also opened up about the Season Six Finale before any of the rumors began circulating of how the Season Six Finale would end on a cliffhanger.

Some truth to the illusions.

In Cohan's interview with EW, she states that after reading the script for the Season Six Finale of The Walking Dead, she was nervous and didn't want to go in to work that day. Lauren Cohan also went on to state that after filming concluded, it took a long time for everyone on set to feel okay again. Implying that a huge loss was felt by the cast and crew, not just from the loss of a character on the television series, The Walking Dead. But the cast would be losing a friend as well. The cast and crew have talked about their bonding over the seasons, and now that the remaining cast knows that one of their friends won't be returning to shoot alongside them anymore; it has definitely impacted them, clearly noted by Lauren Cohan's comments to EW.

What we can believe.

The statements made by Lauren Cohan and Norman Reedus are the most reliable when it comes to confirmed facts on The Walking Dead. Disregarding the rumors and gimmicks set up by production for The Walking Dead, the statements made by Reedus and Cohan seem to be the most authentic, with both actors presenting themselves as people with real emotions. Both are very talented in acting, and they could easily feign emotion when poised with difficult questions during interviews, but the responses given by these actors display authenticity and emotion to which no generic response could emulate.

More disillusion.

Another factor which proves the use of gimmicks by the production team on The Walking Dead, comes in the form of new statements made by Lauren Cohan. According to her most recent interview with the Huffington Post, Cohan states that the filming of the Season Six Finale was all done in separate parts. The cast was even separated to record the audio for the last scene in the Season Six Finale, wherein Negan is bashing someone's skull in with his bat. There could be truth to that fact but Cohan's previous statements made to EW proves otherwise. Cohan's comment of how the cast was affected after filming the Season Six Finale more than implicates the whole cast knowing of who they'd be losing as a part of The Walking Dead team, rather than the idea she's implying now. As of now, it seems like Lauren Cohan is trying to misdirect people into deciphering the audio in the Season Six Finale when it is of no relevance because of her slip up before. There have been several attempts at deciphering the audio and there have also been edited copies, that have been posted as the original to deceive fans as well. It really is too much to keep up with. Even reliable sources like are posting mock articles, trying to persuade fans into implausible theories of what happened on the Season Six Finale of The Walking Dead. All these statements and rumors are doing is losing fan interest in The Walking Dead. The majority of the audience of The Walking Dead involve themselves in the online communities to discuss the hit television series, but when the time comes that the amount of false information becomes unbearable for the fans, appeal is going to dwindle and the series will be lost before its expected departure.

Former Actor on The Walking Dead exposes the cast and crew, but redeems his co-cast.

Tyler James Williams as Noah, Walking Dead
Tyler James Williams as Noah, Walking Dead

Update: Tyler James Williams, whom played Noah on The Walking Dead during Season 5 and Season 6 revealed something very crucial in an interview with EW. In the interview, Williams goes on to state that he knows the conclusion of The Walking Dead Season Six Finale because a cast member told him of it. Williams explained that he's still close with the cast and that they share all the inside information with each other closely. Meaning that the entire cast is privy to all the content related material, including former cast members. Apart from that, Williams did go on to mention in the interview with EW, that the cast will state they have no idea when it comes to answering questions from the audience because it is the best thing they can do when they can't say anything. There's the matter of legal ramifications, along with being blacklisted by the entertainment industry as an unreliable talent if any of the cast of The Walking Dead did decide to reveal some spoilerific information in spite of the series, or for whatever reason. But Tyler James Williams has confirmed the theories previously presented about The Walking Dead cast and crew. And that is that they won't be able to tell us anything useful about the series. They are going to continue to give false statements, and give fans hope of potential plot threads when in reality, 100% of what they're saying is just speculative on their part. And if they just happen to be right, the production team behind The Walking Dead probably wouldn't blame a cast member for a shot-in-the-dark guess at what might happen in season 7 of The Walking Dead.


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