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Re-imagining Batman: Night of the Owls

If you haven't been following me, . If you are new to this here is what you should know. This is more than just a fan cast, it's a connection between my DCEU. Like the subtitle says it's my re-imagining Night of he Owls. This would be a sequel to Under the Red Hood (see my Fan Cast). As far as direction, imagine a mash-up of the Batman vs. Robin animated movie and Batman: Night of Owls comic storylines. I’m also stealing the beginning from Son of Batman and switching it up a bit just bear with me. This film would feature a number of Bat Family members in their fight against The Court, thus expanding the Batman franchise introducing (reintroducing) new characters. Hope you enjoy.

A New Gotham Emerges

Opening scene takes place in a mysterious group infiltrates the League of Assassins led by Death Stroke (working for someone else). Ras and his army are fending of the terrorist while Talia escapes with her young son. The scene switches to a fleeing Talia and her son Damian fighting off attackers before making their way to Gotham. She meets up with Bruce Wayne warning him of the attack on The League, and dropping a major bomb on him, he has a son. Fast forward a few months.

Gotham has gone through some changes since the arrival of newly elected Mayor Lincoln March. Bruce Wayne and March had become acquaintances with mutual interest in a reclamation project that should continue to help Gotham succeed. March even introduced Bruce to his current girlfriend Samantha Vanaver. Bruce's personally life had taken a major turn months prior after being introduced to his son Damian heir to the League, son of Talia al Ghul. Bruce did his best to keep Damian a secret even going so far as introducing him as his help.

Damian Wayne has been fighting tooth and nails with his father since arriving to Gotham City a few months ago, after an invasion of the League of Assassins Headquarters threatened his succession. Talia (Damian’s mother) convinced Bruce to allow Damian to take the mantle of Robin, which had been abandoned for a couple of years (Time Drake the predecessor). While on a “ trial run” Damian tapped into his grandfather’s (Ras al Ghul) training knowing there was only one way to defeat your enemy, kill them. Damian’s unwillingness to relinquish his need to kill frustrated his father and strained their relationship. Though they could not exactly see eye-to-eye Damian finally conceded to his father’s rules. Only then was Damian able to dawn the red and black, however Bruce forbade Damian from turning himself into a solo act. Naturally Damian didn’t abide by his father’s so he steals the Batmobile one night while Bruce was out with his girlfriend, Samantha.

Against his father’s wishes Damian begins to chase down a lead he “borrowed” from his father’s files. Giving Alfred the slip Damien sought after was one of Batman's most dangerous foes Mr. Zsasz. Why Victor Zsasz (instead of Doll Maker)? Because he kills just to kill, piling up bodies as he indulges in his murderess fetish. With Damian being born in the league he hates Zsasz motives and lack of honor. Damian’s motivation is his father’s unwillingness to do to Zsasz what should have been done a long time ago, kill him. With Damien feeling Batman his too weak he’s opting to take the life of the senseless killer.

After beating down Victor Zsasz Damian’s urge to kill surged through his body, he was taken back to his time in the league. For the first time in his young life Damian hesitated to kill. The echo of his father’s words paralyzes him enabling him to take the life of the killer he faced. Instead he leaves a beaten and bruised Zsasz alive waiting to be arrested, but out of nowhere Talon shows up to finish what Damian started. Talon left Damian with a cryptic message about family and the new begging of Gotham. Bruce initially believes Damian to be the killer, he then ups his high tech security measures including calling over Dick Grayson for added security. Bruce grounds Damien confining him to the mansion. While in his room the Talon appears once more warning Damian big approaches Damian changes were going to come in Gotham City.

No sooner than the warning was spoken long time Commissioner Jim Gordon was thrown in jail under conspiracy charges and replaced by Jason Bard. With more suspicious activity Bruce decided to look more into the Zsasz murder soon realizing Damian was telling the truth. He thought back to a meeting he once had with March who spoke freely about the legendary mythical secret society known as The Court of Owls. Bruce decided to speak with March once again. While on a walk after dinner March was attempting to tell Bruce the truth behind The Court. March spoke about Gordon's set up and Bard was a pond. But before he could say too much a Talon appeared stabbing March. While in the hospital March hands Bruce a paper telling him to not open it until he gets home. When Bruce arrived home he received a phone call that a Talon killed March.

Understanding the severity of this situation needing help Bruce reluctantly Dick Grayson to help look into the Court. Bruce admits to Damian that he believed him, but tells Damian he's still grounded for stealing his files. He then sets off to inspect the names on the list, and why Damien was a target. There he runs into a Talon who he barely defeats escaping battered and bruised. Meanwhile Nightwing is off chasing down a lead when he runs into a fleeing Catwoman who claims to have faced and killed a Talon. With this new information Bats asks Nightwing to bring Catwoman into the Batcave.

After meeting the three of them decide what the best course of action is. Damien sneaks himself into the meeting making a plan of his own after overhearing the three of them talk. Bruce needing to keep up appearances decides to accompany Samantha on date. Bruce began to feel uneasy at dinner, Samantha walks Bruce to the car. Moments later he wakes up restrained surrounded by dozens of people wearing owl masks. At the Batcave Alfred sends an emergency alert out upon Batman’s disappearance. The team searches for Batman has he fights his way through the Court Maze.

The Twist: For this movie I'm merging William Cobb's story into Lincoln March's just a bit. The Talon who’s stalked Damian is not only the new Mayor of Gotham, Lincoln March, he's also Bruce's alleged younger brother. Oh and he's married to the head of The Court, Samantha and not dead. Lincoln convinces Damian that he is his uncle and wants him to sit a top the world’s greatest organization as the next Talon. Why does Lincoln do all this? Lincoln is seeking revenge blaming the death of their parents on Bruce. Damian is one way to get to Bruce.

A huge battle takes place after Damian learns the truth about March who is not the brother of Bruce, but a crazed orphan fixated on the Wayne family. Robin and Batman try to fight their way through the maze, but it's not until the rest of the Calvary arrive that things become even and eventually overwhelming for the court.

Fan Cast

Obviously not a fan cast choice
Obviously not a fan cast choice
Still not there yet
Still not there yet
Good choice, but not mine.
Good choice, but not mine.

Here We Go!

Luke Pasqualino as Nightwing

Pasquwho? I like to stay consistent with my fan cast in the "DCEU" (Young Justice Fan cast) Skins and 3 Musketeers is what Pasqualino is known for. He's played a bad boy in Skins and a hero like character in BBC's The Musketeers. He's a fresh face with the chops to pull off a troubled orphan turned sidekick turned leader of Young Justice. He’d play a guess role for this movie, but he’d be pivotal because of his connection to the Court of Owls and the Talon that killed his great-grandfather.

Ty Simpkins as Damien Wayne

Damian Wayne is an extraordinarily gifted kid in combat. Of course he would being raised by Ras in the League of Assassins. Talia sends Wayne to live with Bruce after the attack on the League. He and Bruce butt heads over their different methods for seeking justice. Simpkins is either a rising star, or maybe he'll flame out. I'd take the former. In Iron Man 3 he stood toe to toe with Robert Downey exchanging slick remarks. He was great in Jurassic World and he knows he's had some experience with sequels. Simpkins is part of the Insidious Franchise, playing a tormented troubled kid raised by Ras would be easy for him.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jason Bard

Jason Bard is a DC fixture he's been featured on Young Justice and in the New 52 he's a detective working under Jim Gordon. He's assisted Batman and has a relationship with Barbara Gordon. For this movie he will be the new head of Gotham PD as Commissioner Bard taking over for an arrested James Gordon (thanks to the Court of Owls). This is the perfect time and cheap way to get a fresh character on screen. Waldau's resume doesn't just include GoT he's been in The Other Woman, Mama he's talented and compelling and has the ability to be a good guy or bad is essentially why he’s perfect for this role.

Rosamund Pike as Catwoman

Pike is an absolute beast and she’s shown her range in movies like Wrath of the Titans, Gone Girl, and What We Did on Our Holiday. She's played psycho and housewife in Gone Girl along side Ben Affleck (chemistry). In a more family oriented movie like the latter she's played the good funny wife. Wrath of Titans as Andromeda she showed she could also play a warrior. Catwoman needs to be adapted the right way. Having Pike play the charming, sexy, antihero would be fantastic. She'd add a number of levels to the character reminiscent of Michelle Pfeiffer's version.

Alice Eve as Samantha Vanaver

Sexiest? Perhaps Eve is hot, she had a pretty memorable scene in Star Trek Into the Darkness when she stripped down (just sayin). However, though she passes the beauty test I think she’d more than that. She has shown some range from playing Agent Oh in MIB 3, to the sweet girl Molly in she’s out of my League. As Samantha she’s playing the love interest and eventual traitor of Bruce Wayne. Samantha is a rich heiress married to Talon and leader of the Court of Owls.

Casey Affleck as Lincoln March (Talon)

Cheesy? Cheap? Perhaps, but not lazy. Affleck without a doubt can play the playboy mayor who bonds with Bruce Wayne, after all they are real life brothers. Affleck has put together two really good performances back to back with the Finest Hours, and Triple 9 (yeah I liked it). Oh yeah plus he's co-starred along side a Batman before. This would be a great for him. March was a hard worker who turned rich who caught the attention of The Court of Owls. He met and eventually married Samantha to become the head Talon sent to finish off the Wayne family.

Genesis Rodriguez as Talia al Ghul

Talia's role is limited for this movie. She'd make an appearance in the begging, a flashback sequence, and when she helps out in the fight to save Batman. Genesis has been in a few movies where she's played sexy, intimidating, or both. I think she has potential especially in a small role like this one. She's played a cop, criminal, and down girlfriend.

Alexander Siddig as Ra's al Ghul

All of the actors that have played Ras have been white, but I think a more middle eastern look to him would be great as well. Siddig has played roles that lend itself so well to Ras al Ghul. Clash of the Titans was one movie that caught my eye but it was mainly because of his role on GoT as Doran Martell. On screen he's compelling and does a fantastic job the leader of Doran. Siddig happens look the part especially in GoT, and I’m sure he’d be great on screen with Ben Affleck in the future.

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