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Here we are with my review for "Spider-Man 2", my second of three Spider-Man reviews that will lead us into our introduction to Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While I may not be a huge MCU fan, I am a big fan of Spider-Man and I can't wait to see him in "Captain America: Civil War".

So I have to say, "Spider-Man 2" was released in 2004, which means that Hollywood has had 12 years to make another superhero movie that can meet the level of such an inspiration to the superhero genre. Now I don't know about you, but when I watch "Spider-Man 2" I'm watching one of the best superhero movies to ever hit the big screen. I mean is this movie great, or what? I feel like I'm placing it on such a high pedestal because it's more than just an action superhero flick. There is some serious drama, a fantastic use of a love triangle and for one of the first and only times, it seems like every character has a proper and believable motivation.

Let's talk about Toby Maguire and his portrayal of Spider-Man. Overall I wasn't incredibly impressed with him in the first "Spider-Man", out of all the actors I felt like he was the weakest and even though he may have looked like a dork, he seemed to have just as much charm outside of the mask as he had inside of the mask. In the sequel we got the same kind of Peter Parker, but now that we're onto the second film I have come to accept the fact that Maguire is going to play Peter a little differently than I would imagine, which helps.

Although what really makes his performance noteworthy is the amount of layers we see within Peter Parker. He's no longer a guy who just wants to help people and take responsibility for his powers, he is beginning to struggle with holding onto both Spider-Man and...

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