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It's almost time to see Spider-Man in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)! Fans of Spidey rejoiced when Sony announced their deal with Marvel Studios and Sony also recently released the title for his solo movie called Spider-Man: Homecoming!

You know what else gave fans hope this past weekend? Kevin Feige (Head of Marvel Studios) sat down with EW and had these words to say:

“I think you look at comics as a guide. I think there will be a finality to moments of Phase Three, as well as new beginnings that will mark a different, a very different, a distinctively different chapter in what will someday be a complete first saga made up of three phases.”


We'd love to see a bunch of new characters make their way in Marvel's Phase 4 to help launch a brand new saga full of opportunities! I'm a fan of all characters at Marvel with Spider-powers, not just Spider-Man, but seriously, like, all of them. Let's compare these amazing heroes and see which one would fit better in Marvel's MCU.

Silk - Spider-Woman - Spider-Gwen
Silk - Spider-Woman - Spider-Gwen

Also, I'm not ruling out seeing both of them on the big screen, but let's see if their's one that might appear before the other. I will also talk about the chances of seeing Jessica Drew in the MCU and how it possibly could work.

Remember, Marvel Studios doesn't always follow the comics and they take certain liberties with the source material -- and they both have their own solo series currently out right now (and they're awesome)!


Before I start writing, I can guarantee that we'll see one of these heroes in Phase 4. They both have never been on the big screen and it would seriously blow-our-minds seeing them swinging next to Peter Parker! Especially after what Feige said about expecting new beginnings and using the comics as a guide.

Spider-Gwen debuted in Dan Slott's Spider-Verse event, and proved so popular that she received her own comic. Her debut issue actually was eighth in comics sold in 2014, with an impressive 288,648 orders! She lives on Earth-65 and she was bitten by a radioactive spider, instead of Peter. Almost everything is similar, but of course the writer put his own touches on the story to separate from the main continuity.


On her Earth, she and Peter were dating and then tragedy striked Ms. Stacy once more. I won't go into details on exactly what went down, but Peter died, drawing parallels to Peter's origin. Also, she's hunted by the police for crimes that she didn't commit and it's especially interesting, given her father's a cop. I love her energy and the artwork in the comic is phenomenal.


She's a lot like Peter, in terms of like-ability and witty retorts to piss-off the villains. Firstly, Marvel Studios might not want to touch her after the disaster of TASM 2. They would want a little more time for the audience to forget Emma Stone's amazing portrayal of Ms. Stacy. Emma Stone was probably the best thing about Sony's attempt at a shared-universe.

Plus, in the comics, it was very emotional to see both - Peter and Gwen - stand next to each other knowing that the other one is dead in their universe. This was a very emotional scene and it would be awesome to have Marvel allude someway that she's already dead in Spidey's first solo and this would ramp up the emotions for The Spider-Verse event (I'm very hopeful that we'll see this happen in Phase 4). The MCU could have her bitten at the same time as Peter and yes, that sounds like someone else that's also in this article. I say this because she's proven to be extremely popular and it would mean a larger box office haul for Marvel.


Cindy Moon was stashed away by Ezekiel in a heavy-duty bunker to prevent Morlun from finding out that she was The Spider-Totem known as The Bride. Peter released her and then The Inheritors came for a nice snack. Also, she and Peter got freaky quite a bit in the comic. She's extremely badass and saved Peter on numerous occasions throughout her first run in the comics. Oh yeah, she was bitten at the same time as Peter and she was introduced in Marvel's main universe at the time (616).

Peter and Silk hooking up!
Peter and Silk hooking up!

She's essential if they want to do an adaptation of the Spider-Verse - along with Kaine, he's The Other (Totem) - it's one of the best stories about Spider-Man -- probably, ever! Silk is also a lot quicker than Peter and this would be amazing to see in IMAX. Lastly, I don't think we'll see the freakishness that Peter and Silk were up to in the comic. We'll find out in his solo movie about potential love interests and then hopefully we can make more predictions from there on out!


Silk, Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen
Silk, Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen

I've been watching Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD for awhile now and I still can't believe that we have not seen any of these characters on the show (I've think we've seen Mayday Parker and that's it). Jessica Drew has been around since 1977 and you'd think we would have heard something about an appearance or something more substantial in live-action?

She debuted in a comic called Marvel Spotlight and I'm not entirely sure whether or not Sony had her rights or Marvel has had them the whole time (it's a tad confusing). One assumes that Sony probably owned her film rights, but I'm not sure. If they did, then Sony wasted a golden opportunity, back before Marvel was involved. She kinda has a complicated backstory, but something easily manageable in Marvel's MCU, especially with how big of a role Hydra still plays in the MCU.

I think her powers would not be suited for Netflix or Network Television -- due to the fact that it's hard to make Spider-Powers look really cool on a small-budget. She's one of the characters that deserve a proper big screen treatment, so the audience can fully immerse themselves in the awesomeness known as Jessica Drew. Yes, their have been many characters to use the mantle of Spider-Woman, but I'd bet that Marvel Studios will go with the most famous one. She's probably another character we won't see until Phase 4, unless....


This is a very infamous cover and you can see why
This is a very infamous cover and you can see why

I write on this website because I love bringing up these topics and discussing them with fellow fans. I have no clue if this will happen, but I most definitely believe that it should. I think Spider-Woman will be in Phase 4 during the Spider-Verse. Marvel will probably hint at her arrival with post-credits scenes or during the movie. She might replace Black Widow and appear in other heroes' movies. This makes sense and do you think I'm being too hopeful?

If Silk appears before the Spider-Verse event, I would imagine she'll appear in the post-credits scene at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Peter will talk about his fight with Morlun during the movie and this will set it up for future installments. I honestly don't see any of them playing a part in Infinity War, but we never know!

With the upcoming Doctor Strange movie on the horizon, one must wait to find out about the possibilities of alternate universes in Marvel's MCU. I really would like to have her introduced in the main one -- because I think she'll prove to be immensely popular and it would be a shame not have her around. We'll most likely see if they do a tease of another universe in a prior movie, or not until the Spider-Verse.

So, I'd think we'll see Silk first in Spidey's solo film and then later an introduction to Spider-Woman. Sadly, we'll probably see Spider-Gwen last of the three. I cannot wait to find all this out and I'm so happy that I can write about the possibility of seeing all these characters on the big screen. I enjoy writing about all these spectacular, amazing, sensational movies and sharing my thoughts with the 5-to-10-people that might read this. Thank you for reading and I hope you'll enjoy Captain America: Civil War on May 6th in the United States!

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