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1. Wonder Woman was AMAZING! I was not expecting such a good performance out of Gal Gadot, and oh boy did she surprise me.

2. Doomsday. When I saw the trailer he looked weird. He had no horns, he had a pig face, he looked like the abomination from the Incredible Hulk. But in the movie, after he appeared as he was in the trailer, he changed a little, he gained more horns, even though he wasn't as cool as the comics or the cartoon movies, he still managed to be a nice enemy and make a hell of a performance out of Gal Gadot.

3. The Flash looks so good. I had my doubts about Ezra Miller playing him, not because I think his a bad actor, I mean he is adorable and amazing in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, but because he was so skinny and he had a big beard and long hair. But now he doesn't look like that no more, and I loved his tiny but brilliant performance.

4. I liked that we got to see a little bit of Clark and Lois house and how they lived, but I just wished we got to see a little bit more of their lives other than them together in the bathtub. We saw Clark in the kitchen latter on, but not them together. Still I liked that little bit of conversation and romance in the bathroom.

5. Batman. I loved the suit, except for his mask. He looked fat in it. The fights we're amazing, in the wearhouse specially, and the car chase was trully a proof that Zack Snyder knows how to give his heart to his movies.

6.The CGI is really good. I loved how it looked in Man Of Steel, and I love it even more here. The fights and destruction are incredible, and once again I say, that Zack Snyder is the guy to go to when you want massive destruction and agression.

7. The dream where the blood starts coming out of his mother grave, and then the Giant Bat comes was really creepy and out of nowhere, so I really liked that moment. I jumped.

8.I liked to see Superman dealing with the fact that mankind hated him. And the scene in the senade's explosion, when he understands there is nothing he can do now, and that he did not see that coming. It's sad, but it's good he went through it, so now he is mentally stronger.

9. I am not a fan of Jeremy Irons. Truely I am not. But I think he made a really good Alfred. Making him seem, smart, and funny, and really wanting what's best for Bruce, while accepting his unhealthy choices.

10. Superman finally understood that he belongs to earth, and not to Krypton anymore. He stopped being the Kansas boy to become the earth's Hero.

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