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WARNING: If you have not seen the season finale of 'Supergirl' (S01E20): DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE! SPOILER HEAVY!

Over the course of this season, we had a few major questions that were answered in the finale: What is Myriad? What is Non's end game? Will Supergirl need Superman's help to stop them?

What we didn't know was simple: Via mind-control device to take over the world and Superman needed Supergirl's help! As far as finales go, it was fulfilling up until that friendly cliffhanger at the end.

As we know, Kara and friends are celebrating when all of a sudden, a ball of fire falls from the sky and Kara is off to investigate! As Kara and J'onn arrive, they find a pod, crash landed just outside of National City. On approach, we learn the following:

  • The Pod is Kryptonian.
  • The Martian Manhunter warns Kara to be careful.
  • There is a blue light emitting from the pod.

So with that, we have a few things to think about:

  • Who or What is in the pod?
  • Where did the pod come from?

Well — let's speculate!

1) Zod

Now I know what your thinking: "Zod is a Superman villain!" And while you may be right, that assumption could be oh so very wrong. Due to the fact that Kara mentored under Superman for awhile in the comics, she has been known to tangle with quite a few Superman rogues, including Zod.

As the pod is Kryptonian, it's safe to say that it too got stuck in the Phantom Zone and managed it's way out. HOWEVER, it could also be possible that we see the pod land on Earth but from the now spaced-Fort Rozz.

This could present us with yet another amazing Kryptonian vs. Kryptonian fight scene, like:

2) Zor-El

At the start of Season 1, we did see Kara's sendoff by both of her parents. Zor-El (her father) escaped Krypton's destruction and came to Earth.

What would Zor-El's return do? Well, it would cause havoc on many if not all relationships that Season 1 established. Considering that every season in the Berlanti universe does this, it goes without saying that something in Season 2 will shake everything up and this could be it!

How do you think Zor-El's arrival would impact Kara?

What we don't know at this point is how that may be possible. But hey, in the world of DC Comics, we can dream, right?

In Conclusion

The Season Finale of Supergirl wrapped up a lot of plot lines, but started yet another mystery to keep our teeth sinked in on Season 2.

Tune in to MoviePilot for the Season 2 trailer (when it is inevitably released at Comic Con) and more on the Flarrowverse and anything comic book related!

Who or What do you think is in the pod? Comment below! Let's start some conversations!


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