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*Caution: The Walking Dead comics/show spoilers ahead*

Let's face it: The Rick Grimes at the beginning of the zompocalypse is NOT the Rick Grimes we see now.

In the comics, he's gone from this guy:

To this badass:

And this guy in the show:

To him:

In the comics, just like the show, he's been capable of some crazy, brutal, well:

He's done many crazy things in the show, so 90% of this list is going to go over things he did in both, but there's some action that the pen & paper Rick Grimes has done that the TV show Rick Grimes hasn't done — yet.

Here are 8 of the times that Rick ranged anywhere from a fairly brutal motherf***er to the most brutal, most motherf***ingest human being in the comic world!

It started out with this sentence:

Rick saying that the living are the walking dead was really something else; admitting that they are the monsters that they kill. Every time they kill one, all the way up until the time they die and become them, the living are the walking dead.

I don't know about you, but I'm glad Rick was a cop before shit hit the fan, because he would've sucked as a motivational speaker.

Speaking of becoming like a walker:

To save himself and his crew, he bites the neck of Joe, whose last words are: “What you gonna do now?”

He DOESN'T kill Negan

He does this:

And ever after Negan does this while gushing blood-

Rick still says this:

After all that time — with Negan belittling him, killing his friends, and getting all creepy with Carl, Rick slashes his neck, gets his leg broken, and still is able to save Negan and throw him in the jail cell.

Giving Carl a hand

Well, Jessie's hand. Another moment that is mirrored in the show, Jessie just won't let go of Carl's hand as she and her son are getting snacked on by the walkers.


After attacking the attacker that attacked Gregory:

He gets some stares from the Hilltop crowd. To which he replies,

He survives this:

And this:

And even having to do this:

Or did he survive it all?

courtesy Tony Moore,
courtesy Tony Moore,

Like I said, brutal AF!

Let's just hope he wasn't the one who played ball with Lucille, so he can finish the list by cutting Negan a new breathing hole!

What is your favorite badass Rick moment from 'The Walking Dead' comics?


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