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Sam Plank

I really don't know if the internet will be big enough to hold a list full of all the times the comics have shown a little sexual innuendo, whether it be on purpose or accidentally. But either way, this is going to be a long, brutal, naughty little list, so it'd be best if everyone sat their drinks down. We wouldn't want any nose-squirts spit-takes to short out any electronics!


The white liquid, the sound effect...even Superman has a super...something!

Well, he IS Superman, Spidey...

It does happen at really inopportune times, doesn't it?


She meant...well, maybe she didn't mean that

Don't do it, Robin!

Don't make me flip on the bat-signal

So many boners

Damn, Joker!

At least she's honest

At least HE'S honest

Even Archie is knotty

You dirty little Thor

Take away the words, and it's even funnier

Oh, Betty...


Oceans! He has oceans of love!

A little S&M goes a long way

We've all fought a huge one-eyed monster a few times in our day

How'd THOSE get there?


Apparently, this is from a scene in a comic that was completely intentionally naughty

Butt punches are the WORST!

The fist of iron

Batman touched who? Where?

Really, Betty? Again?

What better way to end this party than with a swimming Seaman?


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