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After the shocking news that 39-year-old Joe Manganiello was forced to retire from Six two episodes into filming due to health issues, we have learned that Walton Goggins has been cast as the new lead in an effort to save the show.

Production, which was obviously halted while the role was recast, is slated to begin again next week with Sons of Anarchy's Walton Goggins at the helm. For those unfamiliar with the biker show, you might also remember the new star from Django Unchained and the The Hateful Eight.

Goggins in 'The Hateful Eight'
Goggins in 'The Hateful Eight'

Inspired by recent military events, Six follows an elite team of Navy SEALs whose 2014 mission to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan takes an unexpected turn when they realize one of their own is on the side of the terrorists. Goggins will step into the shoes of Rip Taggart, a one-time leader of the SEAL Team who is now guarding an African village to protect its residents from the ruthless Boko Haram.

The role was originally intended for Manganiello
The role was originally intended for Manganiello

Manganiello has not yet made a statement about his health, but according to TMZ he was rushed to hospital after suffering an acute appendicitis. There is some insider information that Joe's appendix may have burst before surgery, which can lead to potentially fatal infection and septicemia.

Do you think Walton Goggins will do a good job of taking over Joe Manganiello's role?

(Source: Deadline and TMZ)


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