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Swedish Jessica Rabbit admirer Pixee Fox has whittled her waist down to a strangulating 16 inches, after having six ribs removed to achieve a more cartoonish figure.

The South Carolina resident doesn't only look up to Jessica Rabbit though, and thanks to her blond hair color she now cites Holli Would Cool World as her true muse. She told US Weekly that:

"[Eventually] I will create a cartoon character of myself.”

Fox, a former electrician, revealed she has spent over $120,000 to look like an animated character and is still undergoing yet more work to enter the land of the unreal. She explained:

“At the end of January I had an eyelash transplant and I am undergoing a really rare procedure… that I can’t talk about yet."

Descending into uncanny valley doesn't come easily though, and Fox wears a corset for 24 hours a day, along with maintaining a strict raw food diet and spending 2 to 5 hours in the gym each day.

Although a lifestyle dedicated to emulating a toon idol has potential to be isolating, luckily Fox has found some likeminded friends who share her passion. The plastic priestess has become best friends with human Ken doll Justin Jedlica and adult actor Amy Anderssen, she explained:

"Who thought I could ever find friends that I could be 100 percent comfortable with? I love them not only because they are plastic, it is because we view the world in the same way and meet the same struggles every day.”

I guess it's hard to maintain a normal friend group when all you do every day is exercise your butt and eat kale.

See more snaps of Pixee Fox HERE.

Do you think Pixee Fox has achieved her goal of becoming a cartoon?

(Source: US Weekly)


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