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The always hilarious Anna Faris has a podcast called Anna Faris Is Unqualified: Not-So-Great Relationship Advice From Completely Unqualified Hollywood Types, in which she chats with fellow celebs and dispenses relationship advice to distraught callers. Although, if being one half of one of the most shippable couple in Hollywood doesn't qualify her to dispense love advice, I don't know what would.

In Episode 15, Faris welcomes another ship-worthy lady into her home: Mrs. Jenna Dewan Tatum. The two dish about what it's like being in a "normal" couple in Hollywood, and then give some actually pretty sound advice to a romantically mixed up caller named Lucy.

Then who should walk by to install a light fixture? Chris Pratt! He gives Lucy his two cents, too.

Listen to the whole interview here, or check out some highlights below.

On Spending Time Away From Their Partners:

Anna: You and I are in similar situations in that we spend a lot of time away from our partners.
Jenna: Yeah. Alone.
Anna: Especially then, when you're with your child, and it's scary. It's hard. I sleep on like the weird edge of my bed.
Jenna: Do you? You sleep on the edge? Like your side? You're always on your side.
Anna: Yeah, but more than even that I sleep on the edge of it.
Jenna: See I'm like the opposite. I'm like 'Chan's gone!' Takin' up the whole bed, I take all his pillows. I'm like a hog.

On Their Mutual Obsession:

Anna: There's tabloid gossip, and I love that I get to be a little bit proactive on this podcast and be like, 'Well, you know, this is who I am, I hope that we can survive the distance. I know that he loves me.
Jenna: Oh my gosh, he loves you so much. One of the reasons that I'm obsessed with you—
Anna: Oh! I didn't know that! Oh go on!
Jenna: —we met on a movie, when Chris was in '10 Year' and Channing and I produced it, which was sort of a disaster/kind of awesome for everyone else involved.
Sim: I liked the movie!
Jenna: Did you? I liked the movie, too! I was happy.
Anna: I liked the movie too, and I'm really sorry that... (trails off)
Jenna: ...but I met you guys, and I was like, they're another real couple! We're in this weird world of Hollywood, but we're just normal people with like normal lives and I feel that from you guys. We always talk about it. Channing and I sort of... we kind of like we always feel like we're those friends where we're like 'Can we hang out with you guys!?"
Anna: Really? Because we feel that way about you!
Jenna: Really!? I always joke with Channing, I'm like, 'You sweat Chris so much.' He's like, [does Channing voice] 'Chris will you be my friend?'
Anna: No way! Are you kidding? My cheeks are getting red.
Source: The Daily Beast
Source: The Daily Beast

Jenna: We always say that! We're like, "So, you know like when you have crushes on people you want to be friends with? That's how we feel." Just thought we should put that out in the open, on the podcast. So we're all aware of this obsession.
Anna: That's so kind though.
Jenna: Well, it's true.
Anna: That means a lot because it's easy to be intimidated by, I don't know, incredibly successful, beautiful people and you are that, and I don't know.
Jenna: No, you guys are! It's true, well, anyways, nice people, you meet them and you're like, oh can we hang out? Can we be friends?
Anna: Isn't it weird though? That there's like that weird thing of like I don't—
Jenna: Yes, it's absolutely high school. It's absolutely high school in Hollywood because there's like the cool group, the group that's like the nerds, the this, there's all this—but then there's—like in high school, you pick who you want to—you sort of see people that you feel like match up who you are and you want to be friends with them. It's this really strange, bizarre world. That's why when you meet people who are in this world but not of it, you're like, let's be friends.
Anna: Oh, Jenna! Will you please, I just, here's what I'm desperate for. Okay, would you be my friend?
Jenna: Okay!

Chris Pratt's Advice To Lucy:

Sim: [Explaining to Chris who just walked in] Right now Lucy's problem is that she has been dating a guy for a month. She found out two nights ago that he's also dating someone else. They met on Tinder. She's not sure whether to kind of give it some breathing room or say something right now. It's only been a month.
Chris: [To Lucy] How many dates in one month?
Lucy: Uhhh, like twice or three times a week.
Chris: Twice or three times a week for one month. You met on Tinder and he met this other person that he's dating, probably on a dating website like Tinder as well.
Sim: I'm sure.
Chris: Are you sleeping together?
Anna: Ooooh!
Lucy: Yes.
Chris: Are you having protected sex?
Anna: Oooooooh!
Lucy: Yes, protected, only. Yeah.
Anna: Oooh!
Chris: Okay. I think only have protected sex. And um, if you don't want to date anyone else that's cool but one month is really not that long of a time. How old are you?
Lucy: I'm 24.
Chris: One month is — in the grand scheme of things — not really that long of a time.
Lucy: No, it's definitely not.
Chris: [Later...] This is kind of personal. I hope it's okay to ask: did you make him wait? A little while if you guys have only been together a month?
Lucy: No. But I don't think that's bad.
Chris: That's fine too, but I think the lesson is... you know —
Anna: Chris, did I make you wait?
Chris: Yeah!

The latest episode aired yesterday, April 18. Anna's special guest? Shaq! Head over to her website to check it out. You'll be glad you did.

What was your favorite part of Anna and Jenna's podcast?

Source: Wifflegif
Source: Wifflegif

Source: Anna Faris Is Unqualified


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