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The feeling when you recover something you'd thought you'd lost forever is incredible. Thor actor Chris Hemsworth had this ecstatic release when his wallet was returned by a young scout — so he helped his rescuer to get some sky-splitting prizes.

When Tristin Budzyn-Barker, 17, appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show this week, he was given his own wallet as well as the cash he'd honestly left inside Hemsworth's, not to mention $10,000 toward his college fees.

Hemsworth described the wallet saga from the beginning:

"I went to pick up my wife and daughter from the airport. We were a little early, we went and had something to eat. I left my wallet on the table and thought, 'I'm never gonna get it back.'"

Tristan remembered his reaction after making the discovery in the restaurant:

"We found Thor's wallet!"

The wallet of the Asgardian God of Thunder probably looks like this:

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

But Tristan, being a scout, could not keep the find. Hemsworth continued:

"Then my business manager contacts me cos [he works at] my address on my license and [he's received] this letter from this young boy and he's found my wallet. He's a scout so he sent the wallet to me. He said: 'P.S. your mom saw you were on Ellen this week and asked if we could have some tickets.'"
Proud parents
Proud parents

To reward the actions of a brother hero, Hemsworth presented Tristan with a wad of cash including the "plus a little extra." Tristan is a boy scout working toward his Eagle Scout badge, the highest rank attainable. He had asked for a word of endorsement from Hemsworth, so the movie star also kindly gave him a letter of recommendation.

Ellen then added to the gifts with a couple of her own: a wallet and $10,000! Her reasoning? Tristan is a big fan of horses, even building shelters for the older ones, but had had to sell some of them to make money for his college fund. The cash injection, as well as recognizing his honesty, will mean he won't have to sell any more.

Would you return Thor's wallet?

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