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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Exciting news, fellow Potter fans! J.K. Rowling just dropped a very casual revelation re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Twitter, and it's news that quite a lot of us have been waiting for.

The play, which is opening in London's West End this summer, will become the eighth story in the HP series and will tell the tale of Harry and Ginny Weasley's youngest son, Albus, as he learns to manage the weight of his family's legacy. Before now, only Harry, Ron, Hermione and young Albus had been confirmed as characters — all Gryffindors (presumably) — but in her trademark sneaky way, Rowling let Slytherins everywhere know that they hadn't been forgotten.

Accompanying a simple tweet expressing her excitement about the production, the famous British novelist shared a drawing of the key characters' wand designs (which look totally badass, by the way): one for Hermione, Harry, Ron...


Yes, yes, Ginny is there too, but that's hardly a big shocker considering the fact that the play is centered around her son. Draco, on the other hand, is quite the curveball. We know from Deathly Hallows, of course, that his son Scorpius attends Hogwarts with young Albus and his brother James, but the drawing seems to group him with the primary grown-ups, making me think he's going to have a bigger part to play than just bumping into the famous four on Platform 9 and 3/4.

The inclusion of Mr. Malfoy presents an exciting opportunity to explore the aftereffects of his ill-advised behavior at Hogwarts. It's canon that Malfoy and his fellow Slytherin wife, Astoria Greengrass, raised Scorpius to be more tolerant and accepting of others, suggesting that Harry's onetime enemy feels genuine remorse for his past. He may be rich, but he's probably as restless as ever, and his ambitious nature won't be content with living off his family's fortune forever.

A more prominent role for Malfoy probably means a more prominent role for Scorpius too — could we have a truce on our hands? Slytherins and Gryffindors are notorious for butting heads, but haven't we seen quite enough of their feuding at this point? I'm going to play devil's advocate here and suggest Scorpius and Albie actually become best buds. Their struggle to maneuver a friendship rooted in such troubled history (history they don't even really understand) would provide a golden opportunity for some serious character development, for kids and grown-ups alike.

The official synopsis for Cursed Child reveals that Harry's past "refuses to stay where it belongs" and whatever conflict this is referring to, I've no doubt that Draco will be dragged into it. The real question is: which side will he choose this time?

Previews for the play begin at London’s Palace Theatre on June 7th, with the opening performances of Part One and Part Two taking place on Saturday, July 30th. The book version of the play script is available for preorder now and will ship on Harry's birthday, July 31st.

Are you looking forward to seeing Malfoy in 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'?


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