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At what point does it become impossible to create any more hype for the most hyped movie of the year?

Apparently that glass ceiling has yet to be shattered, because Marvel just unleashed three more TV spots for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) and, in true Marvel fashion, they whip up a serious storm of anticipation without actually revealing very much.

The first spot is all about Team Captain as his Avengers are introduced one-by-one: Falcon takes a dive off a high building, pops his wings and cruises; Scarlet Witch deals with Vision, and Hawkeye takes aim on the runway.

While Ant-Man uses his size advantage to slide down Iron Man's armor, Bucky leaps from a balcony at height, and Steve fires his shield at an IFID Security soldier. The overall impression is that Captain's badass team is pumped for the fight.

The second spot switches the spotlight to Team Iron Man. First, we see Tony himself, suited up, dropped from a helicopter under murky skies, before Black Widow brings the fight to her oldest and closest friend, Hawkeye.

A quick glimpse of War Machine firing bullets like an angry, sentient machine gun is followed up by Vision splitting the wreckage of a runway bus clean in two. After Black Panther, suited up in vibranium, gets his hands on Captain's shield, the two teams launch at one another.

Who has the edge?

Honestly, it's too close to call, which is exactly how Marvel wants it. Iron Man's team feels more ruthless and armed with greater superstrength, whereas Captain's team appears to be more built on sharp wits, flexibility and tactical cunning.

If it still feels weird to see Black Widow facing off against Hawkeye, hopefully there's a twist or two still to be revealed that makes sense of that when Captain America: Civil War finally hits theaters on May 6. Before then, tell me...

Which Avenger won't make it out of 'Civil War' alive?


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