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The Walking Dead may have ended over two weeks ago, but the internet is still abuzz with theories about who the new Big Bad brutally crushed to death in the final moments of the Season 6 finale. Everyone has their own ideas about how or why a certain character has sealed their fate, and their are definitely some very intriguing ideas out there.

So, in order to throw more fuel on that brightly burning fire of speculation, take a look at the top seven theories about the six characters (Yep, Glenn's in there twice!) who the internet believes will die at the hands of Negan and Lucille:

The scene between Lucille, Negan and Glenn being the most iconic moment from the whole Walking Dead comic series, and acts a catalyst for many things that come afterward. Surely the TV show wouldn't ruin all of that by choosing to kill off another character or lesser importance, would they?

2. Abraham: foretold by soda

This theory was a little strange, but was still enough for many to agree with. Redditor wazuh theorized that because Denise died in the same manner as Abraham did in the comics shortly after finding a soda called Orange Crush, red-headed Abraham would be Negan's victim.

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3. Glenn: all in the POV angle

Redditor cellocaster came up with this little theory which was all to do with the use of point of view (POV) angles in the episode. While the episode ended with the POV shot of the victim, there was also the use of POV shots earlier in the episode when Michonne, Daryl, Rosita and Glenn were inside the Saviors van. Using super sleuth clues cellocaster summizes that the audience is seeing from Glenn's point of view inside the van. and therefore Negan's victim is probably Glenn as well.

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4. Daryl: sweet revenge

Back in Season 6, Episode 9 just before Daryl blew up a whole road full of Saviors, Twitter user Vinnie Gorham spotted what looked to be a car in the background. Many speculated that the car may have belonged to Negan, or a lookout for Negan and as a result believe that Daryl might be Negan's victim because the Big Bad is out for revenge.

5. Carl: last words

Some fans have been zeroing in on one sentence that Negan uttered after he selected his victim. After making his choice, Negan tells his men "anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his father, and THEN we'll start." Because Negan makes it sound like cutting out Carl's eye would happen before Negan starts bashing in his victims brains, some have theorized that Negan could kill Carl. In the TV series Negan already has a track record of killing young members of groups, once killing a 16-year-old from Hilltop named Rory, meaning Carl is definitely far from safe.

6. Michonne: love can't last

While it seems extremely unlikely that Rick Grimes will be getting killed off, that doesn't mean that his lady love, Michonne might not meet her end. After unexpectedly getting together in the second half of Season 6, Rick seems the happiest he's been in almost the entire show. However, The Walking Dead isn't a show that thrives on good times, it thrives on devastating deaths. As a strong, main character and love interest of another main character, Michonne's death would certainly pack a punch making her the perfect victim.

7. Eugene: Coming full circle

Over the course of Season 6, particularly the second half, we've seen Eugene grow to become more and more useful. In the finale he even shared his 'recipe' for making bullets after he volunteered to drive the groups RV as a way of tricking Negan (which, sadly failed), just in case he didn't make it back alive. Creator Ray Thibodeaux theorizes that after seeing so much development from Eugene it would fit well with this character arc for Negan to chose him as the victim especially because only a short time ago "taking it like a champ" is definitely not a sentence that could in anyway be applied to Eugene.

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'The Walking Dead' returns to screens with Season 7 in October, 2016

Who do you think Negan's victim will be?


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