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Now, with the rampant proliferation of superhero movies going on all around us, it's easy to forget that pretty much every comic book-based movie we see originates from the USA. That's primarily the result of the wide-ranging cultural and financial dominance of Hollywood, accentuated by the largely US-centric comic book industry. But, that doesn't mean that the international market hasn't been creating its own — often remarkably unhinged — superhero movies for years now.

And so, in honor of a certain topless Russian man-bear, it seems its time to ask a big, big question:

Are These the Five Strangest International Superhero Movies Ever Made?

Let's take a look, shall we?

First up:

5. Japan's Zebraman Makes Batman Seem Like a Sensible Name

Complete with cute inspirational kids, a costume that makes Captain America look like he's undercover, and an honest-to-goodness Zebra theme, Takashi Miike's 2004 movie Zebraman might just be the greatest thing to come out of Japan since Nintendo.

Plus, it totally makes Bruce Wayne's decision to name himself after a small, furry, flying rodent seem way more sensible than it did two minutes ago.

4. Thailand's Mercury Man (Almost) Features Osama Bin Laden

Now, technically the Big Bad in the movie is called Osama Bin Ali, but what with him being a dastardly terrorist and all, it's pretty clear who we're really hoping to watch our firefighter hero beat the snot out of.

Possibly the greatest element of Bhandit Thongdee's 2006 movie? The firefighter in question is given heat-based powers in an accident — which presumably makes him terrible at his day job, no?

3. Australia's Captain Invincible is More Hancock Than Hancock

Now, you might think that the fact that Philippe Mora's 1983 movie is a parody might exclude it from this list, but since it's a) a musical, b) features Hollywood legends Alan Arkin and Christopher Lee, and c) is basically just a much sillier version of Hancock, it more than earns its place.

Also worth noting? The fact that we aren't all watching this full movie right now is technically a war crime.

2. India's Krrish 3 Looks Remarkably Like an Avengers Movie

Now, that's not to say that Rakesh Roshan's 2013 sequel is in any way derivative, but it's notable that Bollywood — arguably the most established film industry outside of the US — has already come up with a franchise to match Marvel's mightiest heroes.

Though, without Hawkeye, what's the point?

1. Russia's Guardians Features a Topless Man-Bear

Which, were that the only unusual element of the movie, would surely give it a shot at the No. 1 spot — but with the amount of other weirdness going on in this trailer for Sarik Andreasyan's movie (due out next year) —

— well, heck, it's a shoo-in.

What do you think, though?


Which do you think is the strangest (and greatest) international superhero movie?

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