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Whether it's his ludicrous in-character antics or whether he just aggravates the hell out of you (and honestly, what's more Joker than that?), Jared Leto's involvement in Suicide Squad has really helped to hype up the movie.

In a shocking twist, Leto managed to break character just long enough to speak to Entertainment Weekly, laying all his cards on the table, thankfully sans the dead pigs.

Joker in the third "Suicide Squad" trailer.
Joker in the third "Suicide Squad" trailer.

Amid the psychoanalytical discussion of the Joker's mental state (he's a maniac, surprisingly), Leto dropped a small plot hint that might have big implications for Suicide Squad and the future of the DCEU.

Suicide Squad To Introduce A Flash Villain?

We've been wondering about the Joker's criminal associates ever since the first trailer, thanks to quick-fire shots of the Clown Prince of Crime with some oddly costumed goons.

There have been multiple hints that Leto's angel-faced Joker is liaising with other villains to succeed in his grand plan. Until now, who those villains were was a mystery. While talking about his process to get into character, Leto dropped one name that caught our attention:

"You’ve got to remember doing these things isn’t just about the result, it’s the process. It’s working with Mr. Frost, who is the Joker’s henchman."

Mr. Frost is a little known DC villain who appeared only once in The Flash Volume 2, Issue 124 (1997).

Not to be confused with Mr. Freeze, or Killer Frost, or even Captain Cold, Mr. Frost doesn't actually use any cold-based technology. Nor does he have powers. Rather, he's an inventor who created a technology that induces virtual reality hallucinations.

This would work very well for the plot of Suicide Squad, as causing Task Force X to become lost in illusions would be the perfect way to distract them. It's also very Joker-ish to force a sense of madness upon his victims. And of course, with Flash getting his very own DCEU movie in 2018, this might be the perfect opportunity to introduce a minor (or major) antagonist for Barry Allen.

Concept art of Ezra Miller's Flash.
Concept art of Ezra Miller's Flash.

So who could be playing the enigmatic Mr. Frost? A quick glance at IMDb seems to have solved the mystery: Jim Parrack is listed as playing Jonny Frost/Pseudo Joker. But this might only serve to complicate the issue.

Chauffeur Or Illusionary Mastermind?

Jonny Frost, as opposed to Mr. Frost, is the Joker's chauffeur and henchman, appearing in the 2008 comic Joker. Taciturn, surly and ambitious, Jonny Frost is soon taken under the Joker's wing and their relationship is one of the stranger, and yet most compelling aspects of this comic series.

Jonny Frost in "Joker" (2008).
Jonny Frost in "Joker" (2008).

So far, so straightforward. Leto was undoubtably referring to Jonny Frost in the EW interview, using the formal "Mr. Frost" instead. Except, it's the "Pseudo Joker" part of the IMDb description that has us wondering whether David Ayer might be pulling a fast one and combining the two characters. After all, Mr. Frost could easily impersonate the Joker using his illusionary technology.

Or maybe Mr Frost is just another name for the chauffeur and Flash's minor villain will remain cursed to '90s comic book obscurity. We'll just have to wait until August to find out!

What do you think the Joker is planning in 'Suicide Squad'? Let us know in the comments!

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