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The next star to take the first step aboard the reboot of '90s cult classic Jacob's Ladder will be Nicole Beharie, who will join co-stars Michael Ealy and Jesse Williams, along with director David M. Rosenthal, in an attempt to reimagine the unimaginable.

Beharie is best known for her appearance as Grace Abigail "Abbie" Mills in Sleepy Hollow, appearing in three seasons of the hit show. She has also appeared in films American Violet (2008) and starred opposite Michael Fassbender in Shame (2011).

The original, released in 1990, tells the story of a psychologically damaged war veteran and his struggle to return to normality. Set in a world of dark hallucinations and surrealism, the film depicts Jacob Singer's (Tim Robbins) journey into madness.

Michael Ealy has already been confirmed to play the lead role, teaming up with director Rosenthal who he has previously worked with on The Perfect Guy. Jesse Williams, best known for his role in Grey's Anatomy, will also join the cast.

Filming is expected to begin next month.

Jesse Williams and Michael Ealy
Jesse Williams and Michael Ealy

Do you think a 'Jacob's Ladder' reboot is a good idea?

Source: Deadline


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