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Whether you've been a diehard fan for years or only gotten involved since The Walking Dead, there's no denying we've entered a golden age of horror comics. Writers, artists and publishers just keep churning out the graphic material, and some of it is scary good.

Check out these three recommendations from horror fan Ryan Donahue:

1. 'Outcast'

As though Robert Kirkman hadn't already struck gold with The Walking Dead, he's decided to create another comic book universe, and this time it's supernatural. Protagonist Kyle Barnes has spent his whole life tortured by demonic possession, but as an adult he must join in a fight against those same forces. Donahue recommends Outcast for fans of Hellblazer and The Exorcist.

2. 'Paper Girls'

Brian K. Vaughan sets this apocalyptic horror in the 1980s. The main characters are a group of papergirls who find themselves coping with the aftermath of an alien invasion. According to Donahue:

The setting is incredibly original and the plot twists are jaw dropping. If you are a fan of any of Vaughan’s iconic series, there is no reason to miss out on his new one.

3. Wytches

This new series from Scott Snyder follows the Rook family as they relocate to a new town following a tragedy, only to find themselves stalked by demonic beings called wytches. It's creepy, original, and has a motif on fatherhood.

Need even more recommendations? Head over to Ryan Donahue's blog, The Indie Comic Vault.


Which of these creepy new comics will you be picking up?

Source: The Indie Comic Vault


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