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The world’s biggest online real world multiplayer shooter is returning. That’s right, Battlefield 5 is now officially a thing and is set to land at the end of this year. The Battlefield series has long been considered the professional gamers shooter – a game that emulated the environment of war to an almost nerve-shredding degree.

The idea of an open battlefield in which each and every battle would differ from that of its predecessor is just one of the reasons that the franchise has risen in popularity with every passing year. ‘Only in Battlefield’ is the truest statements to pretty much ever come from a developer – no other shooter comes close to this larger-than-life title.

I am a massive fan of Battlefield – in fact, and I don’t say this out loud very often but I am one of those ever secreted Call of Duty converts. The epic scale of the franchise blew my mind – I was used to run and gun tactics set within the confines of a miniature map. When I stepped into Battlefield I felt like Dorothy being whipped up into the tornado – all of a sudden I was immersed in what felt like a whirlwind of ferocious battle.

I was immediately chewed up, spat out and sent skidding backwards across the floor on my ass and you know what? Ever since that first whirlwind moment, I have been hooked.

So, with a new edition currently in development, I thought it best time to address some of the key issues that have plagued Battlefield 4 and to also outline a few concepts that I would love to see make it into Battlefield 5. Dice, I love you but please pay attention.

8. A Stable launch

Ok, so I hate to start with something so fundamental especially when directing my point to a developer as seasoned and as talented as Dice but Battlefield 5 cannot fall foul of the same early development issues that Battlefield 4 did.

The game went through a rather extensive beta programme which is expected when you consider that sheer size of the game and the amount of individual aspects that needed to be tested. But Battlefield 4 still launched with a multitude of critical errors, some of which made several aspects of the game unplayable.

I am going to include the Net code issues in here – no more getting shot around corners or through solid brick walls.

Most, if not all of Battlefield 4’s issues have been resolved now but when customers are shelling out over $50 for a game it has to work. So, Dice – take your time with this one.

7. Map design

To build the perfect map pack in Battlefield 5, I feel that Dice need to look back instead of thinking they have to look forward. Battlefield at its heart retains that core value of tactical gameplay. The run and gun element was never considered as a viable approach in the early games. The introduction of this in Battlefield 4 has annoyed a few hardcore players but me, I kinda like it – it ticks every box. The older games force the player to rely heavily on tactics and team or squad based coordination. The maps were big and littered in cover points.

To me it feels like Battlefield 4 focused on size over anything else – by this, I mean that we have huge maps with a few central buildings, the odd bush and that’s about it. The best maps in Battlefield 4 are the ones that allow for players to be creative – Siege of Shanghai, Dawn Breaker, Zavod all lend to innovation of tactic and cunning. Although, as a sniper by trade I love maps like Rogue Transmission and Goldmud Railway they almost feel like a big bowl that lack that classic Battlefield creative passion.

More cover, more chances to outfox our opponents please Dice.

6. The era of warfare – not futuristic hover-esque play

For me, it has to be set in the modern era. Yes, it would be fantastic to take a step back into WW1 or WW2 but personally, there is so much going on right now that we don’t need to.

I want to relate to a game – a game extends to us the ability to escape our reality and jump head first into a world of otherwise impossible fantasy. When it comes to war, it is something that many of us will fortunately never truly experience but games like Battlefield allow us to get as close as you would ever really want to be.

By allowing us to use the weapons and vehicles we see in the movies and on the news we are able to form a deeper connection to the in-game environment. We live in a society where many of us will have a favourite gun, helicopter or jet so allowing us to take control of said high-grade military equipment is an exhilarating experience.

The problem with games set too far in the future is that all the weapons and abilities are all completely made up. The player has no real idea what the gun he/she is holding can do. Modifying and customising a laser gun is a futile activity for me – I can’t relate to the weapon and I can’t relate to wall running. If I can’t relate to half the things that are going on, I will never truly be immersed in the gameplay.

So, modern warfare – include our favourite guns, tanks, and equipment. No futuristic laser guns or wall running abilities. Take us to the warzones of today - give us that experience.

5. Customisation

I would love to be able to customise my in-game character to a higher degree. The only real customization we have in Battlefield 4 is dog tags and paint jobs (excluding loadout).

All the soldiers in Battlefield 4 look alike. No matter what team you are on there is no real difference even the separate class’s uniforms are similar. I would very much welcome the introduction of uniform alteration and armour customization. There are 64 people for goodness sake I want to stand out!

I don’t want it to go full Call of Duty and take away the realism but maybe the ability to scrawl on your weapon or stick an ace of spades card into the side of your helmet – anything to add another level of player interaction. The ability to wear the medals you have earned as a status thing could be cool?

4. Kill cam

A better killcam system. The current killcam system still manages to malfunction on a regular basis. The idea of following your assailant around after you die just doesn’t work for me. I can never really make head nor tale of it as the camera swings from left to right as the player runs away.

I want to see who shot me and how they shot me. Not just that I want others to appreciate a killer shot I just made. I am not sure whether the traditional killcam we see in Call of Duty is licensed to them but it would be infinitely better to have a real killcam installed in Battlefield 5.

Please give us a real killcam! Let people appreciate my awesomeness!

3. Better campaign

I say this not necessarily from a personal point of view as I thought the campaign was pretty cool. It certainly was aesthetically pleasing.

Dice themselves have admitted that they are not great story tellers, but that is fine – there are people out there that are great at it – get them in to write you a killer story and then build it – simples. I hate to say it but this is where Battlefield falls woefully behind the Call of Duty series.

2. Refined destruction – or just more destruction…

Levolution is what really sets Battlefield ahead of the competition. These in-game environmental shifts are what keep gamers on their toes. Each levolution forces the flow of the map to change and that is flat out brilliant.

So brilliant in fact that I want more of it. Destruction in the Battlefield games is almost a given – if it was not for the outstanding quality of the destruction in Battlefield 4 then I wouldn’t even have mentioned it.

I want to see weather conditions play a part in the new game – conditions that force players to change tact. But be random – not every map and not at specifically 12 minutes in etc. Randomise the levolution of mother nature.

If everything in the world was destructible that would be great!

1. Esport

Battlefield has to be a real esport, mainly because I fell that it is something I could win at. But seriously, Battlefield relies more on tactics than many other shooters that have professional leagues that dole out prize money.

Battlefield 5 needs to be the next generation of esport shooter!

The dream, how about it?

More cool stuff like…

The ability to choose whether you want to deploy or respawn via parachute as default. The ability to access more buildings within the maps. The ability to cook grenades. Allowing players to take down tanks by rolling a grenade down the barrel. Getting knocked to the floor and dropping your gun when close to explosions.

Introduce bigger choppers like the chinook that can sling vehicles below and transport them to previously unreachable positions. Imagine a tank dropping in onto the roof of the skyscraper in Shanghai!

Ok, some of these ideas are a little kooky but you get the idea – take your time in development but also have a little fun with it.

More of the same! I cannot wait to see what Dice come up with for Battlefield 5! Without a doubt the best shooter on the market in my book.

What do you want to see introduced to Battlefield 5?


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