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Despite passing away (in some cases) thousands of years ago, the bodies of the dead below look so real they could be still be alive today. From freezing to death in the tundra to being preserved by the Danish bogs, check out how amazing preserved these guys are!

Vladimir Lenin (1870 - 1924)

Where: Russia

The government decided to preserve the body of Lenin for future generations. As no attempts to mummify a body for generations had ever been attempted before, the Russians had to invent a highly complex process of embalming. Lenin's body requires extensive chemical baths, injections and evaluation. The body's organs were removed and replaced with a humidifier and pumping system, designed to maintain the body's core temperature and fluid intake.

Rosalia Lombardo (1918 - 1920) : ITALY

Where: Italy

Taken by pneumonia, her father went to great lengths to preserve Rosalia's body - which can be found deep within the catacombs of the Capuchin Monks in Sicily.

Using a mixture of chemicals including formalin, to kill bacteria, zinc salts to petrify the body and its organs, alcohol, salicylic acid and glycerin. The end result was nothing short of extraordinary. The body was so sell preserved she came known as "Sleeping Beauty."

Lady Xin Zhui (Died 163 BCE)

Where: China

The completeness of Lady Dai - as she was known - is the undisputedly best preserved mummy of all time due to her bodies completeness.

Unlike Evita, her tissues are still soft to the touch and her limbs are bendable. Her hair is complete and there is Type-A blood in her veins! The condition of the body is such that an autopsy was performed. Now here is the most astonishing part, she is 2,100 years old!

La Doncella (Death Estimated between 1450 and 1480)

Where: South America

La Doncella died a painful death, freezing in a ritual sacrifice by the Inca.

Sitting cross legged high at Mount Llullaillaco, she was drugged with chicha and coca leaves to induce a heavy sleep, and left to die as an offering to the Sun God.

Dashi Dorzho Itigilov (1852 - 1927)

Where: Russia

Itigilov's dying wish was to be buried how he was found, which - as you can see above - was in the lotus posture, and wearing the robes he died within.

'In 1955, the monks exhumed his body and discovered it to be incorrupt. It was again exhumed in 1973 to the same discovery.'

Tollund Man (390 BC - 350 BC)

Where: Denmark

Hard to believe this body has been preserved by the earth for 2,000 years!

Discovered by accident in 1950 in the bogs of the Danish Jutland Peninsula by some unsuspecting peat farmers. So well preserved was this Pre-Iron Age corpse that he fooled his discovers into thinking he was a present day murder victim.

The Tattooed Ukok Princess (Lived around 5th Century AD)

Where: Siberia

Despite passing more than 2,500 years ago, the tattoos on this princess remain pretty much perfectly intact.

Digital recreations show that her tattoos include animals such as deer, but with a mythical twist—the deer in her tattoo has Capricorn’s antlers and a griffin’s beak.Researchers believe she was a member of the Pazyryk tribe, who lived in the mountains of Siberia.These nomads held a deep-seated belief that tattoos helped people to find one another in the afterlife. Because of this, their tattoos were some of the most elaborate in the world at that time. Close to her remains, which were uncovered in 1993, were the remains of six horses, which were also thought to play an important role in escorting people into the afterlife.

St. Bernadette (1844 - 1879)

Where: France

50 years after death, St. Bernadette's body remained incorrupt.

During canonization, her body was exhumed in 1909 and was discovered incorrupt. She was exhumed again in 1919 where doctors noted that the body had mummified with some mold and deterioration to the skin in some areas. In 1925, her body was exhumed a third and final time. Two of her ribs were removed and sent to Rome. In a common move during the French canonization process, molds were taken of Bernadette's face and hands and wax casts made and place over the face and hands. The body was placed in a reliquary in the Chapel of St. Bernadette where it remains today.

John Torrington (1825 - 1846)

Where: Britain

John was frozen in the tundra after falling victim to lead poisoning at age 22. Discovered 40 years after death, scientists were astonished at what they found.

John Torrington stared back at them, literally. Frozen in a block of ice for over 150 years, the body was perfectly preserved. The only sign of decay, the shriving of the eyelids and lips. He still wore the cloths he died in, arms and legs still tied together to make burial easier.

The Beauty of Xiaohe (Lived 3800 years ago)

Where: China

Thought to be a village leader, when the Beauty of Xiaohe was discovered, she was lying in her coffin - a boat made from wood, filled with pouches containing herbs, and wearing a woollen hat.

Hair, skin and even eyelashes perfectly preserved, the woman's natural beauty is evident even after four millennia.

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Do you think these remains are eerily preserved?

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