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If you are running low on cosplay ideas and have some spare change lying around the Millennium Falcon, then why not try building your own Darth Vader life support suit? It'll only cost you $18.3 million, small money really when you can rule the Empire and strike fear into Jedi across the galaxy.

We have already had estimates of how much Bruce Wayne's Batman suit and Tony Stark's Iron Man wardrobe would cost, but now according to Shade Station, $18.3 million is the princely sum to create (the former) Anakin Skywalker's iconic black suit. The sunglasses website has hopped on the Star Wars hype to calculate the true price of being the Dark Lord of the galaxy. Sadly no, it doesn't come in other colours!

So how much bag do you get for your buck? At the lower end of the spectrum you have a high quality voice synthesiser that will set you back $1,000 to create those dulcet rasping tones. Don't forget $140,000 for your prosthetic legs and $40,000 to replace that left arm that Obi-Wan so kindly lopped off. However, it is the base suit itself that takes the biggest chunk out of your bank balance - pressurised to withstand exposure to space during his spinning adventure in an imperial fighter, this means Vader's suit would need to be custom built by NASA...a snip at just $12 million. You can check out the rest of the suit, including a nifty augmented reality helmet below.

Clearly Emperor Palpatine saw fit to shell out on his new apprentice's clobber, but didn't have the foresight to protect it from Force Lighting. Palpatine's shock at the end of Return of the Jedi was what eventually killed Darth Vader - if only he had installed those rubber soled boots. So if you want your own Darth Vader suit, better start selling those Star Wars collectibles. If you have a limited edition Jar Jar Binks Pez dispenser you might just be able to save enough money in time for Star Wars: Episode XCIX.

What do you think or Lord Vader's suit? Sound investment or bargain basement knock-off? Sound off below.


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