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The Joker is Batman's most well known enemy, and showed up in almost all of his films so far, so why not [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)? He wasn't in the theatrical version of BVS, and the Ultimate Edition is said to be a 3 hour version of the film (wasn't it already?) but most importantly, it's Rated-R, which means we get Batman in R form, for the first time.

Now, the Joker is said to have killed a Robin in this universe, and as we know, that Robin might be Jason Todd, who later becomes Red Hood, which means we could see that iconic 'Death In The Family' storyline adapted to the big screen, even for mere minutes.

Here's what i think will happen.

Jena Malone Is Revealed As Oracle/ Barbara Gordon/Batgirl:

Look there's no doubt about it, that says Jena Malone ISN'T playing Jena Malone in Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition. No shadow of a doubt.

This is how it will go, in my mind:

Batman visits Barbara Gordon, and she's possibly crippled, and if they make her Batgirl, then they meet in the bat-cave or something.

But in this case she's crippled, and Oracle. Then she describes to Batman, in an uncomfortable way, what the Joker did to her, then maybe we get to see Jared's Joker in that hat and hawain shirt over Barbara (that's why it's Rated R) but considering it might cause a stir, and the feminists will get angry, the Killing Joke is way too good of a Batman story, not to adapt, in some capacity.

Then there's....

Death In The Family, Jason is beaten to death by the Joker.

Now, look the Robin suit hidden there, in the batsuit, with those things written over it, points so much at Death In The Family it's ridiculous! Most importantly, for those who don't know shit about Batman comics, need some closure to why and how Robin got killed.

And the Joker beating Robin to death with a crowbar, could be the right way.

Some Sort Of Reference By Batman

Look, the Joker may not even appear on screen, and we could just get him referenced by Batman or something like that.

Or a set-up for the Suicide Squad from Batman like 'I put all those freaks in Arkham Asylum" or something like that.


We have to see, what happens, till then, we gotta wait for the blu-ray, and that's it. But maybe its all more Batman v Supes stuff, and I wasted this whole article.


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