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"Do a barrel roll" has gone far beyond the confines of N64 cartridges released in 1997. In recent years this famous line, uttered by Peppy Hare during the tutorial stages of Star Fox 64, has gone on to penetrate the public lexicon, become a well-known meme and even the Google search engine has gotten in on the fun.

But even though this famous maneuver had us "barrel-rolling" to our heart's content when we were younger, turns out it was all lies. Unintentional lies, that is.

You Never Did A Barrel Roll In 'Star Fox 64'

I would if I could, Peppy.
I would if I could, Peppy.
“Do a Barrel Roll!” spun its way into pop culture in 1997, when team member Peppy Hare encouraged the player in Star Fox 64 to deflect incoming enemy barrages by performing a horizontal spin." - Discover

Aviation experts have long since known of Nintendo's inaccuracies, the question is whether the developers did.

What Peppy should actually have said was, “Do an aileron roll!” Let's be fair, that simply does not have the same ring to it. But at least it's accurate!

Huh, What's An Aileron Roll?

That's a barrel roll?!
That's a barrel roll?!

A barrel role isn't too dissimilar from an aileron roll, so you can forgive Nintendo for the error. To perform a barrel roll, you maneuver the aircraft in such a way so that it looks like you are going around the outside of a giant cylinder in the sky, while spinning the plane 360 degrees horizontally. That's not exactly what happens in Star Fox 64, you're doing a much tighter maneuver known as an aileron roll. Who knew?!

However, this was actually corrected in Star Fox: Assault - you can actually perform a proper barrel roll! The question now remains, will Star Fox Zero feature a barrel role or an aileron roll? We can't wait to find out!

Are you excited for Star Fox Zero?


Did you know the truth about the barrel roll?

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