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So we are movie geeks. Love all types of movie in case people wanted to hear what i had to say here we are.
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So finally a film that the misses actually wants to see with me. I don't know anyone that hasn't seen the original animated Jungle book, its one of Disney's all time classic movies which is why i couldn't understand why they had decided to remake it into a live action version?

The CG is this movie is truly next level stuff putting it right up there with Avatar and Life of Pi, but does that alone make this movie worth watching? If your a fan of cinema then yes and you must see it on the big screen, if you just like to watch a film now and again no.

The story-line added nothing new to the film and it was like you was just waiting for scenes from the animated version to pop up without being surprised with anything new and exciting.

The main feature of what kept me interested in this movie was a super performance from Neel Sethi as Mowgli. This kid was great in the role and think we will be seeing a lot more from him in the future.

Some of the bad points: Casting was a big bad point for me in this movie, im not sure if its because the voices in the animated one where so iconic but some of the cast just seamed silly for the roles. so im going to just score them out of 5. Not for acting but for casting as the role.

Bill Murray- Baloo: 2/5

Ben Kingsley- Bagheera :2/5

Idris Elba- Shere Khan: 1/5

Lupita Nyong'o- Raksha: 4/5

Scarlett Johansson- Ka: 5/5

Christopher Walken- King Louie: 4/5

As you can see from my scoring i thought the casting was just all over the place.
One watch wounder in my eyes wont be buying it on Blu-ray.



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