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If you're anything like me, you're already super excited for the new Star Trek TV show, set to air on CBS All Access in early 2017. Although it's still in the planning stages, we've heard some very interesting updates recently, and now the trailer has finally dropped.

Just in case you haven't kept on top of the latest Trekkie news, the new show will be run by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and co-written by Nicholas Meyer (yes, that Meyer, Wrath of Khan Meyer).

Official updates aside, there's some intriguing gossip floating around the web concerning the time setting of the show.

Boldly Going Back To Prime

Far from the Abrams crowd, the 2017 series will be set in the Prime Timeline, with the first season picking up where The Undiscovered Country left off. Subsequent seasons will take the structure of an anthology show, with each new season set in a different era. For me, this is the most exciting part of the rumors, as this format will finally allow the show to encompass the full scope of Trek's history.

TOS cast on The Undiscovered Country set.
TOS cast on The Undiscovered Country set.

Spanning almost two centuries, the previous Star Trek shows created a rich and detailed mythology. Canon games like Star Trek: Online and Timelines, along with many decades of official comic books added to this vast fictional universe.

With an anthology format, the new show could leap backwards and forwards through time, revealing the consequences that ripple out from small decisions and tracking the legacy of the main characters. Not that I've given this a lot of thought or anything.

There are no limits for the plot of the new show.
There are no limits for the plot of the new show.

With this in mind, the other part of the newest rumor makes a lot of sense: According to Devin Faraci of BirthMoviesDeath, the new Trek show will not be set on an Enterprise.

Seeking Out New Ships

This isn't unduly surprising, as the Enterprise isn't an essential part of Star Trek. After all, both Voyager and Deep Space Nine struck out from Trek's mothership, with both shows introducing new settings.

Bringing the newest iteration of Trek back to the Enterprise might be returning to the franchise's roots, but it would also seem rather repetitious. We know the Enterprise, and whether you love NX-01, NCC-1701, A, D, or E best, suffice to say we've seen a enough of the Federation's flagship.

All the Galaxy-class Enterprises that we know of.
All the Galaxy-class Enterprises that we know of.

However, setting the series on a different ship, or several different ships, or even a space station and a ship (as in DS9), would feel a lot more original. Following the Federation flagship was definitely interesting, and provided a lot of plot fodder thanks to their diplomatic missions and the responsibility this position posed.

Yet I'm left wondering about all the other ships in Starfleet's roster. What about the underdog ship — the one that keeps messing up their missions yet always stays true to the Federation's morality? Or medical vessels, such as Dr. Crusher's ship Pasteur from the TNG finale, providing emergency relief to the quadrants.

The USS Pasteur by mototsume on DeviantArt
The USS Pasteur by mototsume on DeviantArt

From covert ships running secret missions, to deep space research stations, the Federation has a fascinating fleet that I'd love to see more of.

Just as the anthology format will allow the new series to embrace the scope of Trek storytelling, setting the action on different ships would also serve to reveal a side of the Federation we haven't yet seen. And thus the 2017 show could tell a new story in a familiar structure, while staying true to the core values of Trek: seeking out new life in an old galaxy.

What starship would you like to see in the new show? Tell us in the comments!

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